“Tuesdays with Bianca” was first created in 2010 as a part of “The BOLD & The FABULOUS” blog which consisted of six women sharing the Word of God through short stories and revelations inspired by their individual life experiences. I’m happy to say that since the relaunch of “Tuesdays with Bianca in 2013, the team is back together again and better than ever! So it’s with great pleasure that I honor the bold and fabulous women from which it all started: Jocelyn Saunders (the visionary), Monisha Carter, April Christina, Ify Ike, and Claire Brown; with a special shout out to our newest sister Celine Parker. I love you ladies!

The Bold & Fabulous

To all my readers, both old and new, welcome to the new chapter of “Tuesdays with Bianca!!” I’m giving Tuesday its time to shine! Think about it… Monday is the first day of the week, Wednesday is “Hump Day,” Thursday is the pre-game for Friday… you get the picture. From this point forward, I crown “Tuesday” as the day of renewing. Meet up with me every Tuesday to see what God has shared with me through my highs, lows, fears, challenges, triumphs, and mistakes.

In addition to my Tuesday postings, I’ll be shining light on friends of my blog who are doing awesome works across the globe. Tuesdays with Bianca is growing into a platform to promote the visions of others who have the same heart for God’s people and a desire to see them live their lives on purpose. It’s only going to get bigger so be sure to follow and take this journey with me!!

Twitter: @tueswithbianca

Instagram: tuesdayswithbianca




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