The Vision

cropped-colorcandid2.jpgTuesdays with Bianca is part of my assignment to encourage people, primarily women, to seek out the best in every area of their lives and recognize their true worth.

Mission Statement: To be a distribution channel for creative people in the world to spread the messages of God.

Since the relaunch in September 2013, Tuesdays with Bianca, has reached international views from as far away as Japan, Australia, Ghana, and beyond. Reaching such heights has only made me want to expand the vision. Because writing and producing are passions of mine, it’s my desire to use them to fuel yet another passion which is to assist other’s in their visions coming to pass as they seek to fulfill their God-given purpose in life.

In order to do so, Tuesdays with Bianca, is going through a re-brand. I’m merging my blog and producing firm, BASH Films, to showcase fashion, events, organizations, and extraordinary people whose desires are to make God famous. My vision is so much bigger than me so it’s only right that I use it to be a platform for others.

I’ve handpicked businesses, organizations, and individuals who align with the mission of both Tuesdays with Bianca and BASH Films. They exude the character, drive, passion, and spiritual presence that I believe will make impact across the globe. The organizations are groundbreaking, fresh, and focused. The products exude positive and inspiring messages that are trendy, cute, and purposeful. The people are overcomers of insurmountable odds and continue to persevere through fear by faith and shed light on a God that knows no boundaries.

This expansion of Tuesdays with Bianca is about love for God through loving His people. Godly people partnering with each other to expand God’s reach to others from all walks of life. It’s about faith, fashion, community, fun, and refreshing the Word through new and exciting ventures. We represent all possibilities that come with accepting Jesus and living a life that is pleasing to Him.

Tuesdays with Bianca is growing into a mix of beauty, stories, purpose, and fun. I hope you enjoy it!




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