My Journey… His Plan.

This is my journey … my life … my words … HIS plan.

For the first time ever, I’m writing to the world unknown and all I can do is laugh and think about how God can set you up to do things you would never imagine yourself doing. See, many of you don’t know me and honestly if it was MY plan, you may have never known me. Can I just be real with you?

I am possibly one of the most private people you could ever meet. I prided myself on keeping my business to myself. I never wanted anyone to know my struggles, my pain, my fears… really anything that left me in a state of vulnerability. In the same token, I never sought to unveil the business of others either. I’m from the school of “You do you… I do me… and we can all live happy.” Well, that was until I decided to enroll in the school of “living on purpose.” How many of you all know that it is a process?!

Part of every Christian’s purpose is to be a light unto the world and win souls unto the body of Christ. How can I do that, if I’m content in living only for myself?

[Matthew 5:14 (Amplified) … “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”]

In many ways, it was a way to not be held accountable. I could fit in at any setting because people never really knew all of what I stood for or who God was molding me to be. I was completely comfortable with keeping my spirituality personal between me and God… and let’s be real, it was also a safeguard in the slight chance that I would have an “ungodly” moment so that no one would be appalled or judgmental of my behavior. There’s nothing BOLD about that lifestyle. But God!!… He is not like man, He never leaves you nor forsakes you. I got a chance to get it right and this time you can witness the journey.

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