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I have been awaiting this blog entry ever since last week when it was announced that the daughter of Laurence Fishburne, Montana Fishburne,  wanted to release a sex tape and enter into the world of porn after seeing what a sex tape did for Kim Kardashian’s career!! I was so disgusted by the reality of the situation. It didn’t matter to me that she had a famous last name or that her father is a well known actor. The media puts way too much emphasis on those aspects which mean absolutely nothing. She’s human. Her dad is human… and if pop culture teaches us anything, it’s not to hold stars on pedestals and think that because they live luxurious lifestyles that they aren’t subjected to the same temptations as the normal 18 year old girl looking for acceptance in all the wrong places.

How many of us were “Montanas?” … craving the limelight, idolizing the rich and fabulous, yearning for attention, or lacking self love. Now, most of us may not have gone to the extreme of entering into the porn industry but most of us have experienced those feelings. It’s because of her story and maybe yours that motivate me to use my life and talents as a distribution channel.

I’m called to shed light on the stars that don’t make the headlines. The stars that are our next door neighbors … the ordinary people that do extraordinary things. I’m a producer, a storyteller, and an advocate for the everyday overcomers. I’m the creative voice that’s motivated by purpose and not perception. I’ve been perceived to be a lot of things and not all the time were they positive. So why would I waste my time trying to appease people? No matter what you do or how you do it, people will find something to not like about you. My goal is to please God. So no, my projects will not consist of big time names without any substance. I’m not concerned about what “people” want to see. Who determines what “people” we’re talking about? How do you really know what “people” want to see when all they EVER see is the same storyline told with slightly different twists on every network?

It’s because of the notion of “giving the people what they want” that our standards have been lowered and we tolerate the media feeding us a bunch of mindless images that have us feeling better about ourselves when we think, “at least I’m not as bad as them!” Well how about changing the scope to “how can I be as great as them!”

I know that this is not the status quo. All of my industry people will laugh and say, “yeah in a perfect world.” Well, I don’t believe this is a perfect world by far, but we serve a perfect God. If there were more people who had the revelation of the power of one, there would be a whole lot of “ones” out there making an impact instead of sitting idly by and taking what we are given. Fewer women will look to the Kardashian’s, the Superheads, and the Nicki Minaj’s of the world as symbols of beauty and success! Yes, in some cases, it’s the parents’ lack of parenting that lead children to the fast life. But last I checked there weren’t any parenting tests you had to pass in order to have children. Lord knows I wish there was!! Since we don’t have any control over that area, let’s maximize the areas we can control… one of them being the media.

My ultimate desire is to link up with like-minded people who have a vision that goes beyond the limits that the media plants in our minds. There’s a market for junk TV and films, we can’t deny that… but let’s recognize that there’s also a growing market of people who yearn to see inspiring films and true “reality” TV, real stories, real people, real situations, and real triumphs. It’s my desire to bring this vision to life so that we lessen the frequency of young 18 year old girls idolizing women who’ve “made it” having sold their bodies, their souls, and their purpose to an industry that often destroys them. I’ve chosen to use my creative talents to impact the world in a positive way and if I save one “Montana” I’ve done my job. Now, I’m in the media industry so naturally this would be my distribution channel to the world. So what’s yours?

John 8:12 “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Every Christian is made in the image of God. We represent Christ in the earth so we should speak as Christ does.  He’s called us to be lights unto the world and light is only relevant where darkness exist. We live in a world consumed with darkness, so be relevant today.




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  1. My “distribution channel” has been leaving the work world 13 years ago and home schooling my youngest daughter, who is a freshman in college this year. Over the years through her, I’ve constantly seen the fruit of my labors.. and I consider those years as an offering of thanksgiving. I therefore believe in my heart it was pleasing to the Lord, WHICH IS ALL THAT MATTERS….

  2. B this is an AWESOME blog & NEEDED to be heard by MANY PEOPLE!!!! Not just YOUNG women/men BUT OLD WOMEN/MEN TOOOO!!! Because THEY TOO look at these SO CALL CELEBRITIES and BUILD themselves/LIVES/STANDARDS AROUND what they SEE..So PRAISE GOD for putting this ISSUE on your heart…God is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, & THE LIGHT…..If SOME ppl WORSHIPED HIM in the SAME manner this WORLD SURELY would be a BETTER PLACE;-) Thanks for BOLDLY putting THIS OUT THERE in Jesus Name…

    S. Carter

  3. Ditto to what Mo said!!!! lol.
    What an awesome blog topic!!! The only 1 we are to PRAISE and WORSHIP is the Lord.
    Thank you for doing your part to be a part of the solution sis. Bold&Fab4Life!!

  4. I really support your saying.It is so true. At a point in my young teenage life i really wanted to be just like those “it girls”. The girls who were noticed because they did something wild. In this society people who have fake everything and people who do “the most” are talked about way more than positive role models in the entertainment business. When i was growing up in the 90’s basically when hip-hop/rap exploded all guys wanted were the girls with big boobs,big butt’s and the girls who were easy. All they cared about were your body and not your brain. All in all it is the rapper’s, singers, actors and many other entertainment fields that are glamourizing being loose with no morals. I just thank god that he saved my soul just in time & didn’t let me get engrossed in those things. I am forever grateful to him for that.

  5. Wow – very inspiring. This is something I firmly stand by in my life, but it’s a daily challenge when associates and colleagues feel differently. I know that I am blessed by God to do the work I do, and it’s times like this, from people like you, where I am encouraged and reminded that God’s purpose is THE purpose. Thanks Bianca.

  6. I agree! The only people whose opinion I care about are The Lord and my family.
    HOWEVER, pleasing God and being perceived warmly, positively, etc… are not mutually exclusive.
    Thanks for your candid spirituality and sharing your life lessons.

  7. Amen. One should only care what The Lord and his/her family thinks. However, pleasing God and being perceived as positive/nice/etc… aren’t mutually exclusive.

  8. Glad this post reached the hearts of all of you. So thankful that God is using me this way.

    @Quiet Storm and Frank White, you are absolutely right. That is exactly why my focus is not on whether I’m being perceived positively or negatively. I have divorced myself from the opinions of people a long time ago because they change with the days. I’m concerned with pleasing the One that never changes. As long as I continue to better myself and my walk, I’ll never lack love from the people God has placed in my life. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  9. Amen…and so necessary to remind all that we all fall short; no earthly title makes one more or less to fall prey. Good job sis!

  10. This blog post is powerful beyond the insightful words you typed. I’m teary-eyed b/c ppl (esp impressionable girls) are being lost and captured by the trashy images and messages given by media outlets. I am a Comm major and it is also a passion of mine to show young women that this God-walk is possible!! What better way to do it, then meet them where there attention lies (in the media). In a day where sexuality is so sensationalized, it’s important to present other options to those that may not know they have them. Being “cute for Christ” without compromise is possible. Studying to show thyself approved, turning on the ways of the world and yielding to God is freedom: and believers with zeal and a true thirst for God are SO necessary. Thank you for your post! Thanks TB&TF for the blog!

  11. So glad you all could receive from this post. Thankful that God is using me this way.

    @Quiet Storm… you are absolutely right!! That is the exact reason I’m not concerned about negative OR positive perceptions. I’ve divorced myself from the opinions of people. As long as I’m continually improving my walk and surrounded by the people that God placed in my life, I’m good! Thanks for reading AND commenting!!

  12. Yeah, Bianca I feel you!! Jesus is the perfect example!! People should truly try to follow in His footsteps and see where living Holy will get them!! Jesus is the biggest celebrity I know!! That’s why I’m a “JESUS GROUPIE” Great blog sis!! :0)

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