Beyond Your Heart

You ever wonder why the desires of the world seem so much more desirable? I mean really, why is it so difficult for us to accept all that comes with living a Christian lifestyle? It seems like the moment you make the decision to change just one small aspect of your life, your mind gets flooded with all of the things you think you will miss out on if you truly carry out that decision. It can be so frustrating when you set out to do anything in life and seemingly fail. I mean, letting yourself and your family down is disappointing enough, but when you think about the possibility of letting God down…that’s a whole different level. So what do many of us do?… We shy away from the thought of doing what we feel we can’t for fear of failing God. There’s a certain confidence that we have in ourselves that we know we’ll eventually bounce back from our own disappointment. There’s another level of confidence we have in our family because we know that their disappointment will only last for a moment and they will always have our backs. So how can we develop that same confidence in God?

Many of us don’t look at what we have with God as a real relationship. Therefore, we don’t treat Him in the same way we treat our earthly relationships. Think about it, one of the main ingredients for any healthy relationship is TIME. How much time do we really give God outside of the 2 hours on Sunday mornings, assuming you attend church regularly? I’ve had 20 plus years of learning the ways of the world… enjoying all that it has to offer and understanding myself through the eyes of everyone else but God. The reason why the things we see and want in the world seem so enticing is because we’ve had years and YEARS of training in those things. It’s so natural to us that we don’t have to work hard at cursing out someone who has just cut you off in traffic. For some of us, including me, cursing became a second language.  We have perfected that art! Most of us don’t have to train ourselves on how to get away from the consequences of our actions because we have perfected the art of lying. We don’t need any classes on how to receive from anyone because we are well versed in accepting whatever someone is offering up, especially if it’s free. So learning about controlling our tongues, living with integrity, and understanding the concept of giving can be far less interesting because it’s not what we have been trained to do.

When we decide to not only learn the ways of God, but actually implement them into our daily lives it’s going to take some time!! Time spent in prayer, time spent studying the lessons from church, time spent HEARING from God. Yes God speaks to us, we are often just too busy to listen. How could you establish any of your current relationships without spending time with them? How did your best friend earn that title in your life? You wouldn’t have married your husband or wife if you didn’t take the time to get to know their likes and dislikes, where they were from, and their quirky ways. How can you say that your heart is married to Christ when you haven’t spent any time getting to know Him? And please stop saying “God knows my heart.” It’s okay for God to know our heart, but when is He going to know us by OUR ACTIONS. We can’t keep going to church each and every Sunday and not change. Let me rephrase, you absolutely can if you aren’t in a church that is ALIVE. It does matter what church you go to!! If you are not changing and seeking God more in your life after years of attending your church home then it’s time to pack up and ship out.

We feed our worldly desires every day. It’s nothing for us. However, once we are saved, though we still live in the world, we are no longer of the world. We must learn the ways of God and make changes. I liken it to being 30 years old and trying to learn a foreign language. It’s a lot harder than learning it as a child. It’s a process and it takes commitment. COMMITMENT is another essential part of all of your relationships, including God. You must show your commitment to Him by your actions. You aren’t expected to stop indulging in your guilty pleasures overnight. Although very possible, for the majority of us it is a process!! I can’t say that enough. But God honors commitment and when you commit to His Will you will have the desires of your heart.

Lastly, all healthy relationships take TRUST. We must learn to trust the Word of God. Faith is not tangible. The only way to increase our faith is to increase our time and commitment in learning the Word of God. Through that process we will learn more and more that His Word is truth. Once we get that in our spirit, trust is inevitable. We’ll begin to trust God more than we trust ourselves, our friends, or our family. Living a Christian lifestyle is not a punishment. It’s a more rewarding way of living because once you are trained in it, the ways of the world begin to show their true colors. You’ll begin to see them through different eyes. You’ll see alcohol, promiscuity, pornography, drugs, lies… you name it, as distractions to you fulfilling the purpose and plan that God has for your life.

Many people have seen the grave without fulfilling their purpose because they spent all their years feeding their flesh and starving their spirit. You’ve mastered the things of the world. Now start taking just a little time to train yourself on the ways of the Word so that God can know more than just your heart.

James 2:17 So also faith, if it does not have works (deeds and actions of obedience to back it up), by itself is destitute of power (inoperative, dead).

John 8:38 I tell the things which I have seen and learned at My Father’s side, and your actions also reflect what you have heard and learned from your father.




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6 thoughts on “Beyond Your Heart

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  1. Ms Bianca, are you a Pastor? You just preached a wonderful sermon here. Hallelujah God for using this vessel.

  2. Commitment, trust, and time! Fa’ sho sis. As our B&F sister Mo always says, GOD KNOWS ALLLL! We may be able to pull the wool over others eyes, but we can’t play the game on the one living God. For true intimacy w/ Him, we have to be willing to give MORE of ourselves back to Him to receive all He has. What an AWESOME word you’ve given today. Love u.

  3. lol! Hi Tristan!! No, I’m not a Pastor but I’m happy to be being used this way! It’s wonderful to know you were blessed by the message. Thanks for commenting!

  4. B….I was sitting here thinking PREEEEEACH the WHOLE TIME as I was so DEEP in this BLESSING God placed upon your heart…SIIIS!!! POWERFUL!! I can so relate to seeing the world in a different EYE SITE…B/C, NOW SMALL things that I feel/KNOW are going to STUNT my growth w/ God….AWAY WITH IT in Jesus Name!!! AMAZING way to MINISTER thru Christ sis;-) Stay BOLD for Jesus b/c He died a BOLD death for us…..Love ya

    S. Carter

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