Falling In Love

God has a way of making the most complex thoughts so clear it makes me realize how far from brilliant I really am! It hit me as I was listening to one of my favorite gospel songs by Jonathan Butler “Falling in Love with Jesus.” As I was singing the lyrics aloud in my car, I began to think about why I love the song to much. The two times I can honestly say that I fell in love in the natural ended, my heart was tattered, and walls formed. So how is it that my experiences with falling in love can have such painful reminders but I’m always blasting a song that talks about just that. Now the spiritual answer would be, “of course you like this song because it’s not about a mere man but your Lord and Savior.” Yeah, I came up with that answer too but God quickly shut that down.

I heard his voice just as clear as I heard the guy singing the song… I heard… “I don’t know why either. Those same walls you’ve built have stifled our relationship too. You can’t truly fall in love with me until you learn to trust me completely.”

I was taken back to say the least. Similar to how I’m gradually opening my heart to love in the natural again, I’m taking those same extra cautious steps with God. I’m hearing His voice and His dreams for me and I find myself questioning, needing to see signs, and a clear path while I stand still with fear. I’m still learning how to trust God, just as I am learning how to trust in a new relationship.

God is not like man. He can not lie. He loves without requirement. His love never fails and He will never leave you. The more I dwell on that, the more ridiculous I feel for not trusting Him to my full capacity. I was trusting Him the way I was trained to trust man. Take your time. Don’t rush anything. Get to know them first. Well, I know my God. His Words are truth so trust should be easy, right? Not so much. We are in constant battles between our physical body and our spiritual body. The real deal is that we have experiences in life that can shape our thoughts and our behaviors more than the Word of God if we aren’t careful. It’s a natural instinct to protect ourselves from disappointments, pain, and heartbreak. But what I need to remind myself is that I’m protected in Him. There’s no reason to associate falling in love in the natural with falling in love with Jesus. There’s no comparison. It seems obvious but sometimes our natural inclinations clash with our faith. We all are growing in our walk and we can get caught up in saying all the right things but our lifestyles have to reflect what we say. I needed to be reminded to continue to press in and not be deceived. I’m thankful to have an ear to hear from God and that I’m making myself available to Him but I can’t stop there… I have to move!!!

If this speaks to you, let’s not wait to the New Year to make a change in our thinking. Your New Year’s “resolution” can start now! Let’s vow to make a conscious effort to build up our trust in God so that we can truly fall in love with Him!!

Be Bold,

Be Fabulous,

Be You

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4 thoughts on “Falling In Love

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  1. Sounds like a CHARGE to me!! No need in waiting… you gonna trust God OR NOT?!?!! Love it B!!!!! I think it’s just hard for many people to wrap their head around REAL LOVE…LOVE from a HOLY and FAULTLESS God…LOVE w/o conditions!!! You’re so right…we compare w/ the love we know and that we’re capable of giving. Our love has LIMITS!!! Much of our unwillingness is denial that HE could actually LOVE filthy ME! But He is that good. Thanx SO MUCH for your post today.

  2. I should have read this a LONG time ago…but it is never a late message. Thank you sis! I don’t “got” until New Years (trust). Change happens today 🙂 Love it!

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