Define What YOU Want!

It’s often so easy for us to say we want a better paying job, a husband, a wife, our own business, etc but how often do we set aside time to clearly define those things. As usual, I’ll use myself as an example. Since I began my career, I knew I wanted to be a TV producer. I’ve always been a visual person with tons of creative ideas and opinions on what I would love to see on screen. I jumped into my career the first chance I got and went with the flow. I wasn’t quite in the position I dreamed of but I was happy to be in my field and getting paid decent for it. The years passed and I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t progressing in the areas I wanted to be. Each day became more difficult and I couldn’t see an end to the tunnel. It wasn’t until I heard the words of a man who has made such an extraordinary impact on my life that I was able to see passed the situation. My pastor once said, “The power to define is the power to fulfill. You can’t fulfill what you are unable to define.”

I use that word in every area of my life now, most importantly in the area of love and career. I must get clarity on what it is that I want out of life and make sure that it aligns with the purpose that He has implanted in me. So instead of saying I want to be a producer, I began to devise a plan as to what kind of producer I wanted to be. What kind of work I wanted to do… what would be my mission… and how would I get there. I stepped out on faith and attended grad school against all odds with a clear vision of why I was there and what I wanted to make happen as a result of my studies. I knew that my work had to have purpose; it had to empower people to think beyond the limitations they set for their lives, and encourage them to break through every stronghold that tries to trap them into a life of mediocrity.

In the same vein, instead of saying I want a great husband and father figure for my children, I have sat and clearly defined him… yes there are some physical characteristics but the majority of what I want is defined by the type of heart he has, the compassion he gives, the support and strength he holds for his family. This blog is meant for everyone, but you know I have a special place for all my single ladies! Gone are the days that you settle. Know what you want, set the standard, wait for it, and know that you are worthy of true, unconditional love.

I told you all in a past blog that I still listen to some secular music and I must admit that I can find a Word in almost anything. It’s a gift! This week’s word came from none other than the rapper Drake. I don’t remember the song but the lyrics were, “Everybody dies, but not everbody lives.” Now he was referring to the life of a celebrity rap star, clubbing, drinking, girls, and all that comes with that lifestyle. I twisted it to mean that there are millions of people that will walk the earth and never experience the true blessings that come with living a life that is pleasing to God. So many people will live out their lives tolerating life not understanding that there is power in the tongue and that they can create the life they want if they believe and ACT on their beliefs.

So as we approach this New Year, let me leave you with something that hopefully you will carry into 2011:

“If YOU don’t know what YOU are looking for then YOU won’t know when YOU find it.” Take the time to define whatever it is that you see in your future, a spouse, a new job, a business venture… It could be staring you in the face!! Whatever it is, DEFINE IT and believe that you receive it.

Be Bold,

Be Fabulous,


Tuesdays with Bianca


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  1. The bottom line is, you’re a wordsmith! “I knew that my work had to have purpose; it had to empower people to think beyond the limitations they set for their lives, and encourage them to break through every stronghold that tries to trap them into a life of mediocrity.” OWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx B!

  2. It is funny that I am reading this…in a Panera bread…lol! This Bold journey started here, and since then God has definitely been altering some of my definitions. Thank you for the reminder that we receive not, because we ask not….because we DEFINE not! Thank you sis!


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