This entry is just as much for me as it is for you. I’ve decided to let you all in on the weekly pep talks I must give myself to keep pushing despite what everything looks like! Yes, I talk to myself on the regular so if that makes me crazy then I’ll have to claim it.

How many times do you think if only this would happen I’d be set? Or, if only that person would help me I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Did you ever think that maybe the big hold up is you? We can make up so many hurdles that stand in our own way. If you are a believer, you should also believe in the promises that come along with being a believer. If we truly understood our power, we wouldn’t look at anything other than what God tells us we can do. Last time I checked, it’s written that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Phil 4:13 I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me; I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency].

 Many of us can repeat that verbatim and even provide scripture reference but the moment we are tested with acting it out… we come up with excuses. Well that’s me… it’s a battle I fight everyday. I see my student loans, my mortgage, my car note, my lack of finances, my working class lifestyle and I get discouraged. I can’t understand how I can make it happen. That’s where I go wrong every time… and I’m sure some of you do too! We let ourselves get in the way of God’s plans for us. His plan is so much bigger than our own plan for our lives that it can be scary. We can blame everything on the planet as to why we aren’t further along in making our dreams realities but the real hold up is YOU!! (me included)

When are we going to really walk out this faith instead of talking about it all day and night? Let it be clear that the enemy has no power over you unless you give it authority. Let me repeat, he has NO authority in your life so stop handing it over! Every thought of unworthiness or defeat is an attack from the enemy, which is why you have to become familiar with the Word of God and speak against those thoughts. We must take responsibility for our own happiness and our own success in life. So stop waiting for everything to line up before you move forward. It’s not going to happen. God gives provision wherever there is vision… but you have to be walking in it. You have to be making strides to see that vision come to pass. If you never leave the mark then what provisions do you need really? You aren’t doing anything!

I’m not putting you down. Remember this is my own pep talk that I’m letting you guys in on. I need this just as much as you do. I’m a firm believer that when you know better you do better. So for any of you that have never heard this boldness before in regards to faith and what you deserve, I hope this lights a spark under you. In the words of my Pastor, “Stop thinking that something is too good for you. Nothing is too good for you!!” So when God speaks to you and gives you a vision of your future, don’t count yourself out because you can’t see it coming to pass. God has other people in mind other than you when he gives you a vision. Your disobedience could be holding up the progress of someone else. It’s not about YOU! SO GET OUT THE WAY!!

Prov. 3:5 “Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.”




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11 thoughts on “GET OUT THE WAY!!

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  1. Thanks hon this was JUST FOR ME!!!
    Side note: Your not crazy I talk to myself all the time as well. lol : )

  2. No one can talk sense into me- like me- so I feel you on the talking to yourself. lol……but let me get old school and say he may not come when you want him….but he is ALWAYS on time…

  3. Amen to the “old school” line.
    Praising God for your ever so BOLD & FABULOUS post B!! As the song says, we’ve got to speak over ourselves…encourage ourselves, in the Lord!!!

  4. I am going to “get to getting” out of my own way…You know I’ve been in my way far too long. Thanks Bink…this is true confirmation. I have to disagree with the “old school” reference…He doesn’t have to come because we bring Him with us where ever we go. His word says he will NEVER LEAVE YOU nor forsake you…He’s with me ALWAYS and with you too!

    1. There were so many times when I knew God was with me but still felt like I was alone and literally going to break. I prayed and prayed… then gave up and accepted it, then prayed again, gave up and then prayed again…back and forth…but the thing is; I never broke. Even when those within arms reach of me broke. And when I looked back I realized that all those times when I felt like I was at the absolute edge, ready to give up- God chose to answer my prayers. I know He answered them because, even though I was discouraged that He was taking so long to answer me, I did not lose my faith! So I do realize what my elders meant when they told me “He may not come when you want Him…” when I was growing up. I totally agree with you Ms. Pam 🙂 I know that in the literal sense He is always, always with us, but I find peace and acceptance in knowing that I MUST be still and believe that He will answer my particular prayers (no matter how urgent, or dire, or immediately necessary I think they are) when He chooses, and I accept that it probably won’t happen when I want it to happen but I know that He will never forsake me so when He answers my prayers- it will be right on time.

      1. I see where both of you are coming from. I think the wording is what throws everything off. If His Word says He will never leave us or forsake us then HE never has to come because HE never left. However, His blessings are not always revealed in the time that we would like to see them manifested. The blessings may not come when we want them but they are always on time because HE is the author of time so who are we to say what’s late. I love having responses and the open forum to discuss these types of things and as always I appreciate the support from both of you! Love you both!

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