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A few months ago, I registered with, which is a site created by Alicia Keys to help women across the globe stay connected while conquering the world as modern day superwomen. I realized early on how important it is to be selective of the company you keep. I’m constantly seeking opportunities to connect with people with like minds and like goals. It’s easy to tell how far you will go by surveying the people in your inner circle. I like people that are dreamers AND doers! I like humble people who acknowledge and give honor to the presence of God in their life. I enjoy the company of people who want to gain exposure to all the wonders of the world and establish their place in it. So naturally, when I came across the site, I joined immediately. Although the site hasn’t officially launched yet, the Facebook page is active with great posts that encourage followers to interact and get involved with world issues.

One of the posts asked the question, “If you had one superpower in the world, what would it be??” My response: “to transfer all the wealth of the world to those who have a heart for giving so that no one would be without.” Months later, I see the promo for a show called “Secret Millionaire.” I’m told that this series aired once before but I missed it the first go round. This show excites me because it’s a true testament of what one man/woman can do. Sometimes that’s all it takes. It doesn’t have to take an army of people to make a difference. I love the fact that they seek out people who are givers in their community and truly deserve the blessing of financial increase. I’m excited for those that are recipients of the money because I know that so many others will be blessed as a result of the gift but I’m ecstatic for the millionaire giver. I understand the process of sowing and reaping so it thrills me to see the process take place in front of my eyes on national TV. I wish more shows could have such depth to them. I’m a visual person, so seeing millionaires offer up a portion of their fortune is inspiring to me because one day I’ll be one of them. Yes, I’ll have the fancy car, the vacation houses, and the KILLER shoe game but above all that I’ll continue to have the heart of a giver. Key word is “continue.” I truly believe that being faithful over what I have now will make way for much more in the near future.

So let me encourage you to expose yourself to new ideas and initiatives. Get connected with people who are where you want to be and doing what you want to do. The best advice I ever received was to “Get away from those that have your problems and stick with those that have your answers.”

Be Bold,

Be Fabulous,

Be You

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  1. Fa sho sis. I love that show. I haven’t seen it this season b/c its not playing over here. But it was really great last season. I agree w/ you on everything you said here today, from the aspect of giving even before you’re a millionaire as well as surrounding yourself w/ likeminded folks. It’s all relevant and powerful. Thanx my Bold & Fabulous sister.

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