You’re Amazing Pt.2 “Stay the Course”

Okay so, it’s been a few weeks since the Women’s Advance I mentioned in my last blog and let’s just say that things have been taking off like rockets in my life. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING, that the speakers imparted into my life has shown up in some form or fashion… and this doesn’t mean it’s been all good things. Many of their lessons included warnings that the enemy’s job is to DESTROY you and will show itself as soon as you leave a “safe” environment. But what’s funny is that I didn’t have to leave the Advance to see him in full force. But I’ll save that little piece for the end. For now, I’d like to speak on two areas that forever changed my life and my thoughts on where I am in my current state.

The first being a word I heard from Minister Debbie, a young wife, mother of three, fly, and true prayer warrior whom I respect with my whole heart. She was giving a testimony on a close family member whose had some struggles in life and made repeated bad choices that has caused him to live a life of hardship. Oh how I could relate… and out of everything she said, this is what struck me to my core.

“Your prayers can only bring someone to the point of decision. It’s not your fault!”

Immediately, I thought of a close family member of mine who one day I will write about. He has had years… YEARS of drug abuse. Despite family intervention and unconditional love, he has struggled with getting clean and staying clean. For years, I held the pressure of getting him to change despite everyone telling me continuously that I could only do but so much. I thought that it was something more that I could do to one day light a spark that will make him want a clean life as much as I wanted it for him. Minister Debbie has no idea how free I became after hearing her say those words. Of course I still desire him to be completely free from all of his addictions, but the weight of the world is no longer on my shoulders. I will continue to thank God for his healing and love up on him like I’ve always done.

The other major event came as a complete shock to me. All throughout the conference we were being warned not to get caught up in the emotions of the Advance because we would soon return to the reality of our life. It was our job to return to our real lives with the Advance embedded in our hearts to improve our current state. Well, the enemy didn’t allow me to leave the Advance before I was attacked. The last night I’m approached by a woman who whether she knew it or not, was being used to trip me up. Her attempts to pry and bring up names of people who have been removed from my life was just the thing that could have made me snap. In all honesty, I saw myself snapping. I had about 10 minutes after my conversation of being completely annoyed and distracted until the words of Pastor Kelli rang clear in my head… “You are a BAD, BAD Chick!” I’m so bad; the enemy couldn’t wait for me to get home. I had to be tested at the Advance!! How crazy is that?! It’s cool though because it was at that point that I sat there with a huge smile, in complete gratitude. I rejoiced in the fact that I passed the test. She didn’t take me there and I left feeling confident in my progress.

What I learned was that I was so focused on making sure I was prepared for the attacks that were sure to come my way when I got home, that I let my guard down at the Advance and got jumped! Lesson learned. Keep watch of your heart at all times no matter what type of people you think you are around. We are all working out things in our lives so don’t be fooled by everyone’s lifted hands. As long as I stay focused on my purpose and hearing from God, I’ll limit the amount of sneak attacks.

It’s so hard to compact all that transpired during those three days and I won’t even try. I’ll just leave you with one last quote from the woman who pulled off this amazing Women’s Advance… my first lady, Dr. Dee Dee.

“Stop coming up from under the process too soon. Be consistent in your walk. Be in high pursuit of what you want. Fight for where you want to be.”

Eph. 6:10-11 “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.”




It’s Tuesday with Bianca


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  1. Both of these were great, Bianca! And so familiar, lol. Min Debbie freed me too with those VERY same words! You’re capturing the Advance with such great accuracy. Can’t wait to see what you’re putting together on the Worship experience!!

  2. WOWZERS… how I wish I was w/ you. Thank you SOOOO MUCH for sharing this journey w/ me. Did we set a view the video date yet? I’m pressed!! lol. I loved, “You are a BAD, BAD Chick! I’m so bad; the enemy couldn’t wait for me to get home.” smh. U ain’t never lied!!! Love it hunnie.

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