Rocky vs. Goliath

My constant prayer is that my hearing increases so that I am better able to discern the voice of God throughout my day. Each day I want to become more and more certain of His voice until I move without any hesitation. So today, I’m doing something a little different. Why? Because God said so. Continue reading “Rocky vs. Goliath”


Yet again my original blog is scrapped and replaced with a current event that I deem worthy of sharing with all our readers. In case you are not aware, tomorrow an innocent man is scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection for a crime that lacks sufficient evidence against him.  Even those that testified against him over 20 years ago are now retracting their eye witness accounts and joining the fight to save his life.

If you’d like to learn more about the case and hear the story from the words of his loved ones, I’ve copied the link below:
Continue reading “TROY DAVIS”

Say it with your actions

I have so much on my mind this evening that as I type, I’m not even sure what will come of it. This is the feeling my pastor must have felt this past Sunday as he shared how he had no clue where his lesson would go that morning. He had planned to ministry at each service before and Holy Spirit took it into another direction. So here I am with a plan of exactly how I wanted my blogs to take shape this new year of the Bold & the Fabulous and I’m just not feeling like it’s going to happen this week.  Continue reading “Say it with your actions”

a league of my own

Before I get started, let me just say that I’ve been a bit off track these past few weeks. I wasn’t in the Word and I wasn’t making a lot of time to hear from God. I have had soooo much on my plate that I must admit, God and this blog took a backseat. I told you all from the beginning that I won’t be anything but real with you and the real deal is that I don’t always make the wisest decisions. As a result, I’m off schedule with my posts and because I didn’t properly manage my time this week, I’m not prepared to share my journal entry even today.

Key Note: The decisions you make today will affect your tomorrow and beyond.

None-the-less, I’m determined not to be disheveled or discouraged by my mishaps. Today is a new day with brand new mercies and I’m going to keep it moving. I’ll get back to my journal entries but for today I’m going to share what God shared with me on my ride to work today. It’s random but it’s God so it’s worth sharing. Continue reading “a league of my own”

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