God & Cars

Have you ever had God speak life into you with the most basic analogies? I mean things that are so simple, but yet so complex to the point that you just KNOW it had to be God’s voice. I wasn’t even thinking about anything at the time really. I was on my way to work about to pull into a parking space and God wanted to chat. I know some of this appears spooky to those that may not have a relationship with God to the point where he interrupts your day but just follow me for a minute. 

Here’s the conversation in its entirety as I pull into a parking space:

God says, “So what made this car stop right before it ran into the wall in front of it?”

Me: “I did” (duh)

God: “This car is powerful. It weighs significantly more than you and yet it can do nothing without you. You’re small in frame. You’re not that smart when it comes to the mechanics of cars and yet it can only accelerate, turn, back up, and stop when you tell it to.”

Me: (stuck)

God: “Look at the car as being the obstacle your facing in life or the trouble that seems to plague you daily. Think of a situation that seems to hold you back from obtaining your dreams and aspirations. It feels insurmountable doesn’t it? It looks like the issues are so complex that you need a taskforce to overcome it, right?

All the complexities that you think are roadblocks to your goals can be overcome by simply learning how to operate your faith.  Do you know the ins and outs of the engine and all the electrical wiring that makes up the computerized system in your car to alert you when services are needed? …NO! And you don’t have to in order to drive it. All you really know about your car is how to operate it… how to set the ignition, switch gears, press the gas, press the break, and pop the lid on the gas tank….

Similar to that, you don’t need to know all of the “hows,” the “whys” and the similarities to someone else’s situation in order to drive away the attacks. All you need to know about the roadblocks in your life is how to speak to them, how to walk by faith, and how hear my voice for instruction to move pass them. Know that I called you whole and to have dominion in the earth. Get an understanding of the power that comes with being my child and your worrying days are over.”

Me: (stuck) … “Okay God, I receive!”

I hope this blesses someone as much as it blessed me. Needless to say I was unstoppable at work that day.




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