Prepare Yourself

There’s nothing like having someone in your life that pushes you to go beyond where you think you are ready to go. I’m fortunate to be under the leadership of Pastors Mike and Dee Dee Freeman who consistently and unashamedly teach their partners how to live life God’s way. This past Saturday was no different. I attended Pastor Dee Dee’s “Women Walking in the Word” meeting and the lesson was on preparation. I could get into all of the details of the lesson but I’d rather just get to the point…


Stop idly waiting for God to reveal the things you believe will come to pass. Things don’t just happen…you must make moves in the direction you want to go and God will provide. Where there is vision there is always PROvision. While you’re waiting on that “some day”… make today count! God is true to his promises and He will open doors for you but if you aren’t prepared for when the opportunities arise, whose fault is it?


You want a better paying job, put the work in to advance your skill set so that you can be considered. You want to start that business, start reading up on what it will take to make it happen and gaining advice from those that have done it. You want to go back to school, start researching grants and scholarships that you may qualify for to lessen the out of pocket costs. You want to learn how to play an instrument, start saving to pay for lessons. Make some kind of effort, no matter how small and watch how God works. Yes, He can work miracles but don’t just expect them to fall out of thin air. Show Him what you can do with a little and watch how He will trust with much.


I’ll share my example in hopes to motivate you. As of yesterday, I no longer have cable (by choice). It’s been on my heart heavy for some time now as I thought of all the time I waste watching meaningless shows that offer no value to me growing my business or my future. I complained about never having time to invest in myself at the same time complaining how there’s never anything worth while on television. Also as I started to plan out my wedding, I thought of ways I could cut back on my spending and a lightbulb went off… my cable bill! It was NOT an easy decision but I took my first lady’s advice from the meeting on Saturday.


She said, “You have to do whatever it takes to get to where you want to be. It may be hard right now but you keep that vision of your future in mind and it will pay off in the end. Prepare yourself for the blessings of God.”


I’ve decided that investing time in my business is far more rewarding than watching the rich and famous get even more rich and famous. It’s time I get mine! So, I’m taking a bit of a hiatus… reading more, researching more, and saving more. I’m not gone forever but I’m gone until my good becomes my best.


This is the step I took to get to where I want to be… what’s going to be yours?




Tuesday with Bianca



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