The Heart of the Matter

Matt. 5:8 “Blessed are the pure at heart. For they shall see God.”
This is my pastor’s favorite scripture and I can honestly say it’s becoming mine as well. The reason why? Because there are people close to me in my life that may not outwardly express their love for God the way that I do. They may not have the desire to attend church every Sunday. They may not even fully understand the benefit of tithing. I choose not to focus on the seen arena. Though I watch their actions, I also observe their heart towards people and life… and I allow Holy Spirit to reveal them to me from the inside out. I don’t have to see them speak in tongues. They don’t need to be in the choir or serve on the usher board. They just need to keep a pure heart and God will work on them in His time. I’m not jaded by those that are simply active in the church because that is not what truly counts. 
How many people have we seen in high positions or at the forefront of their churches lead lives that are consistently contrary to the Word of God in secret? I don’t get caught up in all the performances. The heart is what’s most valuable and is our true connection to God.  For all those, like me, believing in God for spiritual growth in their loved ones, don’t grow weary. Know that God made them just the way that they are. He knows better than anyone what it will take to bring them closer to Him. We just need to live our lives openly and honestly, continuing to be examples of His love and let Him do what He does best… Transform us.
Tuesday with Bianca

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