The Greatest Love Of All

Every year around this time I like to remind people how great love really is. It’s so great that it’s not just reserved for the romantics… you know, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, or even secret crushes. Love is so grandiose that the name alone can define God. “God is love.”

1  John 4:8  “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

So today, whether you’re married or not, have a significant other or not… we all have something to celebrate! Don’t fall for the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day!!! I’ve always said that today should be the day that you celebrate the love you share with your loved ones year round.

Couples, if you wait for Hallmark to tell you when to appreciate each other, then there’s some major work ahead for both of you. Single ladies, if he doesn’t make you a priority or make any effort on a random day of the year to show you his heart, don’t settle on some random joe and his tired box of heart shaped chocolates just to say you have a Valentine. Single fellas, if she wasn’t giving you the time of day on January 14th, don’t fall for the sudden interest around Valentine’s Day. You’re setting yourself up to get played!!

Love yourself enough not to settle!! Love yourself enough to know your worth and demand the best because you know you ARE the best and that you GIVE your best. I know many of us have been so programmed to think of today as a day designated for lovebirds. If you don’t fit in that category, some of you are either wasting your time trying to make a “Mr. Random” a “Mr. Right”… or you’re hibernating in all black, eating a tub of ice cream, counting the seconds until Feb. 15th. I challenge you to redefine the meaning of Valentine’s Day. Think of all the love you have in your life… your mother, father, sister, brother, best friend, grandparent, mentor… the list goes on and on. God has blessed us with so many sources of love that it’s dishonorable not to acknowledge and give weight to them all. So on today, let’s celebrate all of the love we have in our lives. Whether it’s a quick phone call to say I love and appreciate you, a random visit, or a trip out on the town… I want each and every one of you to enjoy today!! It’s a day that everyone can participate in so have fun with it!

I shouldn’t have to remind you, in the wake of all these recent tragedies and untimely deaths, that our lives on earth are temporary. We aren’t built to last here forever. There’s an 18-year-old girl who lost her mother this past weekend at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. There’s a young woman who’s lost her best friend of over 15 years in a tragic car accident just this past week. There’s a son who lost his father a few weeks ago to a self inflicted gunshot wound. None of those relationships fell under the romantic category, but I’m sure they would all give anything to share this Valentine’s Day with their deceased loved one; I’m positive they would each say that the love the two of them shared was just as powerful and just as worthy to celebrate on today as any other type of love. Don’t let this day go by without showing someone that you love him or her no matter the relationship.

In honor of the late Whitney Houston who sang so beautifully what it meant to discover the love within each one of us, I leave you with this…


Be Fabulous,


Tuesdays with Bianca


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