No Frill, No Fuss… Just Me and Him

Okay so I was pressed to get this out before the clock striked midnight! I am positive that the storm I’m going through right now is not for my benefit but for the benefit of others. So when the option was to hibernate under the covers or write out my thoughts for my B&F family to read… you know the choice was easy! Since I’m racing against the clock, there’s no pictures, no bible quotes… just a quick story of the conversation I had with God today.

So in just a matter of a few months, the enemy decided that I was just too happy, my future was too bright, and my faith was growing too strong. It’s like one by one, attacks have been coming and I’m trying to dodge them like I’m in a heavyweight fight against a modern day Goliath. No seriously, my faith has been tested like never before. I’ve felt like my strength is weakened with each blow and just when I want to throw in the towel… there’s a spark of energy that keeps me pushing forward.

This morning I woke up and asked God to speak loud and clear to me. I didn’t have a lot of time to play around and I needed to hear something like NOW to get me through the day… really to get me out the door! So I stood there staring at myself in my bathroom mirror and listened. This is what I heard…

“A quarterback is only as good as his offensive line.” … ummm what?!

As I thought about it more, I realized that I’d been feeling like I’m a one man show. I work, I plan, I schedule, I coordinate, I manage and it just never seemed to be enough. Between work, special projects, wedding planning, house repairs… I was spent! It was like the more I worked, the more things unraveled. What I needed to realize is that I was lacking direction. I was relying on my own might instead of His. Worry, fear, stress would soon overtake me if I didn’t sit back and let Him lead. It’s similar to a quarterback calling plays unbeknownst to his offensive line. No matter how much time and effort you put into something or how much you think you have mastered your craft, the protection of God and the people He’s assigned to assist you on your journey are the keys to being victorious. Never forsake the God-ordained friendships. You know, those people who have your best interest, love you in-spite of your faults, and build you up with their words. And of course, never forsake the God that loves you more than you love yourself.

Life is so much easier when you’re living by faith. Don’t be discouraged when you have set backs and you forget your way. Just take a quiet moment, ask for God’s wisdom, and listen.




It’s Tuesday with Bianca!


5 thoughts on “No Frill, No Fuss… Just Me and Him

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  1. Lord have mercy!!!! This is so heartfelt & amazing. Thank you B for opening up on this one. He can do all things…WE CAN’T, even when we feel we can. Please don’t burn out!!! Love u girl.

  2. Good one Beebs! Love the football analogy. May have to borrow that one! Remember, asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak, it makes you wise. Smarter, not harder. Love you!

  3. Love the football analogy! Its time to start relying on His grace sis…and casting your cares to the one who cares for you.. We definitely cant do all that we do effectively in our own strength…Its a daily challenge for me, and I often have to be reminded…Love your transparency! And call a sista when you need to be reminded! LOL

  4. Bianca i love this! You are so right about godly_ordain friendships…who should a person communicate with or whose presence should a person be in as a child of the king? Yep hang with the rest of the kings children because they got kingdom answers.. Yes the godly ordained friendships, will certainly assist you during any period in life when they are called for…

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