Are You Prime Real Estate?

I was driving today across town and took notice, like I always do, of the steady decline of neighborhoods as I travelled further away from the NW section of the city into the NE section. For all my non-Washingtonians, most of NW is the upper echelon area with high priced apartments, boutiques, and fabulous dining options. Most of the NE section is what I’ll call the “Developing” area… row houses, dollar stores, carry outs, and of course liquor stores on each corner. Continue reading “Are You Prime Real Estate?”

Transformation Quick Tips

Last week I was honored to participate in the God’s Glamorous Girls’ Conference at the Washington Convention Center. The theme was “Transformation.” It was such a blessing to share that experience with a few of my sisters that traveled from far away. I so love them!! I’m not even going to try to summarize all that was poured into me over those 3 days. What I will do is offer up some key words of wisdom that I took with me and will continue to meditate on over the remainder of the year.

Continue reading “Transformation Quick Tips”

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