Are You Prime Real Estate?

I was driving today across town and took notice, like I always do, of the steady decline of neighborhoods as I travelled further away from the NW section of the city into the NE section. For all my non-Washingtonians, most of NW is the upper echelon area with high priced apartments, boutiques, and fabulous dining options. Most of the NE section is what I’ll call the “Developing” area… row houses, dollar stores, carry outs, and of course liquor stores on each corner.

I travel these roads all the time and never had I questioned why there wasn’t a Nordstrom in NE!! I did today and almost immediately, I answered my own question… “It wouldn’t get any business!” Why would Nordstrom put a store in an area where the majority of its residents require government assistance to make ends meet?! That would be a very poor business move.

Just when I was about to move to my next random thought, as my thoughts usually are when I’m riding home in quiet, God reeled it all in for me. He said, “Think of my blessings, ideas, and provisions as Nordstrom and those under-privileged residents represent the believers. There are many inventions, groundbreaking ideas, promotions, visions, and desires that I want to take up residence in their lives but they aren’t equipped to manage it. They would be wasted real estate because they wouldn’t turn a profit.”

God was letting me know that He’s not giving abundantly to those who aren’t ready to receive and it has nothing to do with our financial status, where we live, how we grew up, what our parents did or did not do… it has everything to do with our heart and the renewing of our thinking. He wants to know that when He sets up shop that we are going to run with the vision and draw others unto it. That’s profit!

As believers, we must renew our mind, seek after His heart, and establish a passion for the things that He is passionate about so that we may be able to “afford” the vision that God has for our lives. What God has for us, no man can take away but we must first prepare ourselves so that we don’t waste the vision and blessings that he gives us.





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