Perfect Timing

So the last time I was here, I wrote about my drive home and how God spoke to me about being prime real estate. It was just another example of how he was using my love for shopping as a teaching tool. Well on that same ride home, He spoke again a few moments later. I guess you could say it was a lively conversation that day. I couldn’t figure a way to tie it all together so I decided to save it for the next week. Sadly, it turned into a month later but I believe the message is timeless and ironically something I needed to read for myself today!

So, I’m approaching a red light in the distance and I decide to stop a little prematurely to allow a young man to cross the street. He was already approaching so I figured he would take me up on the offer to cross in front of me. I stop and wave him on and he in turn waves me by. I’m thinking, “if this boy don’t get across the street!” I pause to give him another chance to go and he turns his head away as if to ignore my gesture. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a city driver to the fullest! It’s not too many times where I’m giving the right away and this dude would rather wait for me to pass than to get across the street!

I drive off and he casually crosses the road the moment I pass. In the midst of my annoyance… God used it as yet another teaching moment. My car represented the setbacks, situations, and attacks that arise in our lives… sickness, poverty, lack of education, dead end jobs, etc. I represented God, who had full control over the thing that is fully capable of running us over and destroying our very existence. The young man was the believer that couldn’t see pass that situation, setback, or attack. God is telling us to go ahead in the midst of the attack but we want to wait until it completely passes. We are focused on what we see and its ability to destroy us but not understanding that God is behind the wheel and when He waves us on, we should move!

I’m really not that super spiritual type of person. Not everything is a lesson, it just so happened that on this day God had a lot to say to me. I know it has everything to do with what I’ve been declaring over my life. So as a believer, I know that his lessons are not just for me. He is other’s minded; therefore, I must be other’s minded which is why I share these revelations as they come. As believers, we often want to see a sign from God. We want to wait until the storm has passed and out of our natural sight.

Let me leave you with this. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had an expiration date on our birth certificate? Okay maybe not everyone wants to know when they will leave this earth but some people may find it helpful so they know how much time they have to do their “own thing,” estimate a good enough time to give their life over to Christ, and then plan out their days so that they make the most of their lives before they check out.

There were 12 people that went to a movie premiere in Colorado on July 20, 2012 with thoughts of tomorrow. Each one of them had plans already in place for the coming days. Not one of them expected that their last day on earth would be at that theater. It’s a chilling thought but something to take note of when you think you have all this time to make your dreams come true… to change careers, travel to that dream destination, start that business, make amends with that family member, or most importantly get saved! Stop waiting for that perfect time. The perfect time is the time you have right now!




Tuesday with Bianca!


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