The Spirit of Expectation

It’s Election Day! People across the nation are flowing with energy… some nervousness, others excitement, even more have a mixture of both. The entire country will sit and wait for the biggest news to be announced every four years! There’s an air of expectation that is almost uncontainable for some. Few are focused on their jobs, parties are being set up, and many people will be calling in “sick” tomorrow if all goes well… and maybe even if it doesn’t! As excited as I am about the occasion, I can’t help but wish that these same people had as big of an expectation for the things that God has planned in their own lives. Expectation is such a great feeling… even with all the nervousness and jitters, it’s something awesome about it!

Here’s my plea to all of my folks that have that feeling in the pit of their stomach as they wait to here who the President Elect will be.  For believers, we know that no matter who takes office, God has rule and reign over our lives. Our ears are sensitive to His voice so that when the world seems like a sinking ship, we have the wisdom to see ways out. We’re protected so let’s not go into a deep depression if the candidate of our choice loses. We’re okay!!!!

Now, I have an assignment for you. If you have a vision board, study it tonight and transfer that same excitement you feel into seeing your dreams come true! If you don’t have a vision board, write out a list of things that you see in your future. Imagine waking up every day with the same spirit of expectation you fill today for the things that you are believing God for! Let’s not sell ourselves short. Believe it, speak it, EXPECT IT!!!!




Be YOU!!!

Tuesday with Bianca!


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