Simple Humanity

At 6:00 this evening, I still wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to share today. I almost thought I would skip this week. That was until I ran into a familiar friend. A friend that may not even remember me or the day we crossed paths. Last year, I wrote a blog about a woman name Elizabeth. A fragile, elderly woman who I met on her way home. Well, as I was rushing off to an event this evening, I caught a glimpse of her… in the same long trench coat, hunched over, juggling the bags in both her hands. I said aloud,  “Elizabeth!!” She couldn’t hear me; my windows were up. She couldn’t see me because we were on opposite sides of the street. I thought about trying to pull over to wait for her but wasn’t sure if I would scare her. I mean it has been ages since our paths crossed and though I gave her my contact to reach out if she ever needed a ride anywhere she had not taken me up on the offer.

I’m almost certain she won’t even remember who I am, but little does she know, she’s made a lasting impression on my heart. I was so happy to see her alive and well; although it pained me to see her walking the streets alone. I just have to keep convincing myself that she’s happy to be mobile and strut her independence! I have to believe that she has a family that cares for her. I have to believe that there’s an element of freedom that she cherishes about her situation… because if I don’t think positively I’ll become a crazy stalker trying to run into her so that I can assist her in any way that she would allow.


I realize that some of you may not be able to relate to the sensitivity I have toward the elderly. They just may not be your thing. You may have a love for children or the homeless or wild life or even the environment. It really doesn’t matter what your soft spot is as long as you have one. We live in a world that is so hardened by hatred, classism, and greed that we often lose sight of what makes us human… and that’s humanity. I know what it means to have busy schedules and the demands of keeping up with your dreams and the needs of your loved ones. However, lets make a conscious effort to value something other than our own desires or those things that will benefit our families alone. There’s a big world out there and we all have a supply. Take a little time to invest in others no matter how small of an amount and trust that your life will be so much more fulfilled than it would be if you had all the material possessions you desired.

For those that may be new to our blog or just may have missed my original post about the beautiful Elizabeth; you can check it out here.




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