“Many plans are in a man’s mind, but it is the Lord’s purpose for him that will stand.” Proverbs 19:21

In December 2012, the plan was to dissolve “The BOLD & The FABULOUS” blog, which for me meant my blogging run was over. I wasn’t upset about it at all. Although I loved it, I knew that everything had its season and that we had a great run while it lasted. Now it was on to other things. Little did I know that my involvement with “The BOLD & The FABULOUS” was preparation for me to come from behind the scenes to find my voice and build enough confidence to share it with the world. If you look back to my very first blog in July 2010, you will read all about my hesitations. I won’t drill down on that any more than necessary, but just know that it was not my desire to share my stories with the world. However, as my relationship with God grew, my desires began to take a backseat and it became more important for me to fulfill His purpose for my life.

Well, “The BOLD & The FABULOUS” may be done but God revealed to me not too long ago that “Tuesdays with Bianca” was just getting started. I prolonged it for as long as I could but after witnessing a profound lesson at this year’s Merge Summit in LA, a spark was lit. My experience at the summit ignited a fire within me like never before. There was an overwhelming move of God taking place in my life to the point that I could physically feel myself transitioning from one season to the next. The time I spent there surpassed all of my expectations and has led me to this day.

refueledToday, I start anew with “Tuesdays with Bianca.” I’m refueled with renewed energy and perspective to carry this as far as He will have me to do so. I pray that it sets the stage for many more opportunities to fulfill God’s plan for my life and that it has an even greater impact on the lives of others than ever before. Honestly, this path God has chosen doesn’t quite make sense at the moment. I’m a writer, yes, but the vision He’s placed before me is to write and produce faith based content for television and film. Blogging doesn’t seem to go along with that plan but God is orchestrating this journey and I’m submitting myself to His will.

So welcome to “Tuesdays with Bianca!!”… a place where we come to recharge and renew our minds and hearts toward the things of God so that we can live our life on purpose!

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Bianca


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  1. You’re amazing. This blog is SO ON TIME B!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seeing how essentially, you chose to raise “the dead”…not B&F completely, but your part of it. I’m telling you…it’s SO ENCOURAGING ME in some areas. I’m so glad we’re linking up Sunday. We are so overdue. I miss your energy…can’t get that in a text msg. I love you!!!!

    1. This comment means the world to me! Thank you so much for being the visionary you are and having seen something in me that I didn’t see in myself! You are equally as amazing and I’m so happy to call you my sister-friend! Love you and see you Sunday!!! Muah!!

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