In the Midst of Filth… SHINE!

Since I adopted my dog Milo, my mornings run like clock work. I get up to an erratic, jumpy pup, throw on my sweats, and off for a walk we go. I used to be the type that hated early mornings. Honestly, I’m still not a fan but what I can appreciate now is that I have so much more time before I have to officially start my day. I used to wake up in just enough time to shower, dress, and maybe grab a glass of OJ. Now, I have at least an hour of leisure time to get myself ready and equipped for the day ahead. Part of the day I enjoy the most is my walk with Milo. I use the majority of that time to listen for God’s voice.

On this particular day, I was a bit distracted. It was trash day and one of my neighbors  left their trash can open with alot of its contents spilling out. I’m immediately annoyed at the thought of someone owning a home and being content with surrounding themselves with filth. I’m even more irritated at the fact that by us simply being neighbors, I’m subjected to their filth! As you can probably tell from many of my previous posts, God uses any and everything to teach me a lesson. Today was no different.


Almost immediately I heard, “You aren’t defined by your environment. You may reside here for the moment, but don’t get comfortable. Don’t let your spirit get comfortable. You continue to maintain the level of excellence in your home and you will be rewarded.” In response, I simply said, “Ok God, I hear you.” After meditating on what that all meant, I had to settle it within my spirit not to grow weary in my current circumstance. I reminded myself to continue to see myself as God sees me and never lose sight of my goals.

Similarly to our living situations, we can find ourselves surrounded by negativity and things that do not reflect the image of God that we have come to know. Whether it be family, friendships, or co-workers we can often get distracted by the lives of people who do not value the same standards that we set for ourselves. In some cases, we have the option to remove ourselves from those people… in others, we may have to be more tolerant. No matter the circumstance, make sure that in those relationships you are the one being the influencer. It’s okay if you have family or friends who aren’t on your same level spiritually, you just have to continue to mature in the things of God so not to backtrack or begin to reflect what you see instead of what you know.

Don’t allow any amount of filth to contaminate your belief in who you are and who God is. Aim to reflect the prestine living, abundantly provided for lifestyle that He grants us so that you can draw people closer to Him. Eventually, those that come in contact with you won’t feel comfortable amongst filthy living and will begin to model after you… and then again some may just take their filthy lifestyle somewhere else. Either way, you are in control of YOU. Make sure that you are accurate representation of God and not your environment. That’s temporary but God is permanent.

Love God, love yourselves, and love others more today than you did yesterday!

Happy Tuesday! …. Love, Bianca


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