Follow the Leader

When God gave me the vision for BASH Films, I had no idea where it would lead or how I would get started. It all began with a grad school assignment and quickly flourished into something much bigger than me. I remember asking God to show me examples of people who are doing what I believed He was calling me to do. You see, I work in entertainment and faith based content back then was pretty much non-existent. The shows that were centered around faith were “churchy” music video shows that only “church” people would watch. But God was calling me to the masses. He wanted me to infiltrate a massive machine that glamorizes promiscuity, drugs, material wealth, and beyond. His vision for me was to represent women in the light that He had created them to be instead of what the limelight had molded them to be. I couldn’t see a pathway to do what He wanted me to do so I second guessed if it was even Him who gave me the vision. Was I crazy? I needed to stick to the script, work my way up the ladder, and be grateful to be in the business period.

Througout those few years, I would try to do other things but doors weren’t opening. I was feeling so unfulfilled and trying to make a way for myself that seemed a bit more “realistic.” I’m thinking let me just live a comfortable life and I’ll be satisfied. Boy was I wrong. Fortunately, God had people lined up to help me along the way and one of them happened to be the one and only Devon Franklin. I knew a little bit about him before he hit the major scene and I would check in on him from a far but didn’t really press in until about a year after his book release. I honestly can’t remember what triggered me to pursue him more but I eventually started to research his background and realized how in sync his vision was with mine.

Just this year, I purchased his book and boy did it hit home! He’s so in my space and is doing exactly what God has called me to do. I not only read his book, I study it like I’m getting graded on it. I’m doing so because I believe that knowledge is power. I’m going to be judged based off what I know and if I know better, I must do better! I must do the work! His book is training me to see the big picture, to look fear in the face and walk through it. I’m so grateful for his obedience to the call that God has on His life because it has truly impacted mine. Let me encourage you to be open to allowing someone who is qualified to speak wisdom into your life no matter how far away they may be. I could have never predicted that I would get the chance to meet Devon Franklin years back when I started following him but when the opportunity came I made sure I was prepared. I came to the 2013 Merge Summit with his book in hand. I took it to his panel discussion and kept in my lap ready to get up after the discussion to have him sign it. That didn’t actually happen but what did happen was far better than I planned! I’m at an Awards Luncheon and in walks Devon and his wife Megan Good! Oh happy day! That’s when I knew I wasn’t letting this chance pass me by. As the luncheon ended, I’m wrecking my brain to figure out the best time to walk over to his table and exactly what I was going to say. As fate would have it, I look up and he’s directly behind me greeting a friend. My heart was pounded and to my surprise he was in pure amazement that not only did I have his book but two other women had theirs in hand as well. I got a chance to speak with him, tell him thank you, take a picture, give him my card, AND let him know that we would be working together soon! That was my moment. I maximized it and it will forever be a highlight for me!

I share all this to encourage you to never second guess God’s plan for your life. There are people out there doing what you want to do. That door will open but in the meantime prepare yourself!! Do what you can with what you have to start making your way towards that dream. You are not crazy! Devon even quoted that during his panel discussion and I have notes to prove it. Do the work, keep the faith, and let God do what He does best… provide!

I really want you all to check out the video above! It’s about 30 minutes but it’s well worth your time! If you are a visionary and you believe God has called you to do things bigger than you could have ever imagined, you MUST take time to watch this video. Afterward, I want to hear from you! Leave a comment and tell me how you plan to maximize your moments. We’re in this together!

Be blessed! Happy Tuesday!

Love, Bianca


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  1. What an amazing video! Thanks for sharing it.
    Thanks for sharing your story also. I truly believe God exposes us to different things that causes us to be push in the direction he wants us to go to fulfill his Will. I’m glad I went to the event Sunday night at Bus Boys and witness so many young people on fire for God. Your organization has lit a fire within me that makes me want to push harder. So thank you for your obedience and keep up the good work. God is going to do some amazing things in your life because of your obedience. God Bless You!

    1. Wow Dianna! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. So happy that you were blessed by Sunday’s event… It was amazing and look at how it connected you to my blog?! Thank you for the kind words and I pray God’s best in every area of your life as you continue to seek after Him! Happy Tuesday!

  2. Welcome back B!! I look foward to following your blog again. You truly are a talented writer and are meant to do this!

  3. A good friend of mine told me she was sending me something to read. I’m so glad I took the time to read your story and listen to the video. I wrote a play over a year ago and yesterday I wanted to canceled rehearsals and not have the play. After reading your story it has encourage me to not second guess God’s plan. I will continue to do the work, keep the faith and I will let God provide. The play will be presented October 19, 2013. Thank you again for your encouraging story. May God continue to Bless you and your family.

    1. WOW!!! To God be ALL the glory! We just never know whose lives we touch when we obey the voice of God! You blessed me with this comment and pray God’s grace and favor over your play! Congratulations on the success in advance!! 🙂

      1. Just wanted you to know yes To God be All the Glory..The play was a success, so many people came out my heart was so overjoyed. So many of them want the play to be presented at their church. I’m so new at this can you give me any advice? I did protect my copy writes. Any help from you would be an additional blessing, because you just don’t know what a blessing you are to me already. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You..

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