I’ve been so looking forward to this post! God gave me this idea on my ride to church a few weeks ago and since I write my blogs in advance, I had to wait to share. It’s so out of the box for me but I love it. Let me first let you in on a little tidbit to put everything in perspective. Last year was the MOST challenging, heart wrenching, loneliest year of my life. REAL TALK! I can admit that I was in a very dark place for months. I just wanted time to stand still to give myself time to recoup, figure things out, and just be for a minute. Life was carrying on and I was hanging on to the bumper by a string. I had some very trying days that tested my faith. I had many angry days at God. I was sad much more than I was happy. Simply put, I was just getting by. I can’t say that every day I made a decision to praise God but I know for a fact that the times that I did, even in the midst of my pain, is the reason I’m in one of the happiest places of my life this year! No, my life is not perfect. Yes, there are things that still need fixing but my perspective has changed. I have renewed hope. I have a clearer vision and most importantly I have a more intimate relationship with God BECAUSE of what I went through.

Well, while I was going through, there was one song in particular that stayed on repeat. It’s a song that is a bit different than most worship songs that I’ve heard. Gospel songs are usually cries out for God in desperation while you’re going through a test OR you’re praising Him for having pushed through a test. I hadn’t heard many that talked about dancing in the middle of your test. Isaac Carree’s song “In the Middle” is one of the songs that got me through. No matter how I was feeling I would sing and dance along as if my world was on top and I had not a care in the world. My feelings were crushed but my spirit was fighting to bring me back to where God needed me to be.

So, like I do with all of God’s revelations…  I wanted to share this song with you and make a request. Let’s do something out of the box!

1.Play this song

2. Get it in your spirit

3. And post an Instagram video to Twitter tagging #inthemiddle of you doing your best or worst (lol) dance to this song!

I don’t care what challenges you’re facing this year, this month, this week… give God praise and watch Him work. Your perspective will change. You’ll start to see new opportunities, connect with the right people, and simply renew your thinking as it relates to your circumstance! What better way to start off the first of the month??!!

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Bianca


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