The Scenic Route

clockI have to admit, I’m a stickler for being on time. Aside from those types of events that lend themselves to being “fashionably late,” I’m all about early arrival. If I have to rely on directions to get somewhere on time, I need them to be accurate and precise so there’s no way for me to possibly get lost. If someone wants to give me details about nice places I could see along the way, I’m not interested. Tell me how to get to my set destination please… that’s all. I have somewhere I have to be and I need to know EXACTLY how to get there. Precision is key. Of course, if I’m on vacation or having a leisurely day, I’m much more relaxed and willing to take in the experience. Making an appointment or special event is totally different.

Too often we treat our purpose and destiny like we do our scheduled appointments. Athough we believe that there is an appointed time for our purpose to manifest, we aren’t in control over that time. God is. We can’t rush God. We have to trust that as we move along our path in life that our ears are keen to His voice to direct our path. It’s not always going to make sense. It’s never a direct line to your purpose. Many times there are zig zags that you will have to endure because there are lessons to learn before you’re ready to embrace your purpose. God is the author of time. We can have a timetable of when we expect things to occur in our lives but if we are true followers of Christ we will wait on Him. We won’t make things happen by our own efforts. Of course there’s work involved when it comes to fulfilling your purpose, but we must make sure the work we do is in line with what God has called us to do. If you’re supposed to be focused on finishing up school, it may not be the season to pursue a relationship. If you’re supposed to start that business, it may not be the season to purchase that new car. Align yourself with the will of God for your life and your days of worrying will begin to deteriorate.

opendoorsHere’s the question: When we pray for open doors of opportunity, do we really know how to recognize opportunites? Do we pass by more opportunities than we realize because they don’t resemble our final destination? Understand that there are experiences that God wants us to have to equip us for the responsibilities that He will soon lay upon us. The open door of opportunity may not look like something that will get you to your final destination but trust God and move in the direction He says move. Take advantage of those opportunities no matter how far fetched they may seem from your end goal. Don’t waste time sitting idly by waiting for that opportunity that makes sense to YOU. Seek God and move if He says move. We have wasted a lot of time waiting while doors are constantly opening and closing right before our eyes but we’re too focused on the end game to realize it.

And let’s be clear on the difference in being distracted and detoured. A purposeful detour helps to enhance the experience of the trip. A distraction takes us off course and extends the length of the journey to our expected end. A detour that is driven by God is meant to add value to your life and increase your knowledge in some way. A distraction takes your eyes away from God and onto your own agenda which is a terrible place to be.

beautiful_scenery-wideSo the lesson for today is to not shy away from the scenic route. There are wonderous things in store for your life that you have to take time to take them in and enjoy!! Don’t be so focused on the end of the journey that you miss the beauty of it along the way. Pray for your eyes and ears to be sensitive to God’s directions so that you stay on the path to your final destination and enjoy all of the turns, zig zags, hills, and creeks along the way. Enjoy the scenic route, if God is driving, trust that you’ll enjoy the ride no matter how long it takes!

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Bianca


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  1. It is so hard to be patient, right? This is such a great lesson in learning how to listen and trust the direction you are supposed to go in. Great post!

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