“I was given grace to carry that story,” she said.“My story is a voice for the voiceless.” – Molly Anne Dutton

You’re going to have to trust me on this one. I know many of you don’t know me so you don’t know the integrity that I walk in daily. But please know that I would not say that something came from God, unless I truly believed it did. Trust that I don’t play with that! So when I tell you that I have had a blog with only 3 words saved to my drafts for almost a month I’m telling you the truth. God placed on my heart to write a story on abortion. Yes, abortion and I so didn’t want to get into that. But I had the narrative in my head and knew the direction that God wanted me to go, I just couldn’t seem to get it on paper.  I tried to reason with Him on all the reasons I shouldn’t but I knew that I would eventually lose the battle. I sat in front of my computer each day staring at those 3 words asking Him to show me how to get started. It’s such a heavy subject and a very sensitive area that I wanted to make sure He led the way so I would do it justice. I never want to mess up anything He tells me to do so if it meant that it would sit in my drafts until I heard clearly from Him than so be it!

GodWell, today (Oct. 17th) God confirmed exactly what he wanted me to write. It came through an article by the Huffington Post about a 22 year old woman named Molly Anne Dutton who was crowned Auburn University’s 100th homecoming queen. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… so what? Well, the real story is that this same young woman was conceived as a result of her mother’s sexual assault. When given an ultimatum by her husband to either abort the baby or face a divorce, her mother chose to move from California to seek the assistance of Lifeline’s Children Services, a Christian adoption agency in Birmingham. As a result, Molly Anne’s life mission is to raise awareness about the options available to women during “crisis pregnancies.” She spear heads her campaign called “Light up LIFE” speaking on campus and raising money for that same Christian adoption agency that saved her life.

God can turn any horrible occurance in your life into a blessing but it starts with us making the decision to trust and see pass our current situation. A while ago, I was reading “It’s Your Time” by Joel Osteen and he shared the story of popular gospel music artist named Israel Houghton. God bought it back to my rememberance for this particular blog. To sum it up, Israel was born to a 17 year old white woman who was shunned by her family because the father was black. She was encouraged to have an abortion but refused. After moving away from the family, the two broke up and she became addicted to drugs. One day a woman she did not know stopped her on the street to let her know that Jesus loved her and that she was not forgotten. That day, in that very moment, his mother gave her life to the Lord and he is here sharing the gospel around the world because of that one stranger’s obedience to God’s voice.

pro-life-vs-pro-choiceThe Pro-Choice/Pro-Life debate is such an overwhelming one! I’m a woman. I understand the oneness we have with our bodies and I get that there are situations in life that should not be governed by the law. And though it’s a very complicated issue, the reason why I can stand firm and bold on my belief is because of Who I believe in. I may not have ever been faced with having to make the decision on whether to abort my child or not. I may not have ever been a victim of a sexual assault. I may not have ever felt like I had no control over my body and who to allow in. But I need every woman reading this to know that I do not stand in judgment of anyone who has had to make that difficult, heartbreaking decision. I am super sympathetic because my family has been directly affected by this very thing. However, let me be clear that my confidence in saying that abortion would not be an option for me is because I’ve made a conscious decision to choose to trust God above ALL else. Hearing stories like the ones above just further solidifies my belief.

Many times when tragedies occur in our lives, we make decisions based on the tragedy that we see in the present and the ones to come in the future as a result. We aren’t in the mindset to see any good coming out of a situation so horrific but God is our Redeemer. God knows our end and His plan for our lives is sealed no matter what we face. When we take control, we in a sense say, God is not able to take care of us. However, He is fully capable and willing to give us the strength to get through whatever giants we face because His name is greater than any other name we can think of! This declaration is coming from a somewhat mature Christian though I still have so much more growing to do. I know that not everyone has the same level of faith because it’s something that we have to grow in as our relationship with God strengthens. That’s why discipleship is so important. That’s why women of mature faith have to look back and be available to nurture the young women coming behind them. We don’t all have the answers but God does and if we continue to let Him use us, we will see more light in a world filled with darkness.

It’s not about Pro-Life or Pro-Choice with me. As a Christian, it’s about making a decision to trust God and know that He has the final say and can turn any situation around to bring glory to Him and that’s why I choose to be Pro-God.




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