Davion Navar Henry Only

“I know God hasn’t given up on me so I’m not giving up either.” – Davion Navar Henry Only

davionThere’s just something about the innocence of a child that can make us see God clearer than ever. A friend of mine posted an article about a 15 year old boy, Davion, born to a woman incarcerated his entire life until she passed in June 2013. He can’t count the number of homes he’s stayed in over the years. In the past he’s had behavior issues as a result of his anger towards being abandoned and feeling unwanted. It wasn’t until he learned of his mother’s death that he decided to make a change. In 3 years he will legally be an adult and no longer a ward of the state. Recently Davion decided that he would attend church and share his story in hopes that someone would adopt him into their family. I can’t imagine what that feels like and my heart ached when I read his story but then I listened for God’s voice. Whenever I get that feeling of hopelessness, I listen for Him. Help this make sense just a little, please! Continue reading “Davion Navar Henry Only”

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