Audience of 1

number-one-It’s okay to admit that we can sometimes be a respector of people and by that I mean, we tailor how we present ourselves based on who we are or are not trying to impress. Let’s be all the way real! When you know the CEO is going to be in a meeting you have a certain level of care that you put into dressing accordingly. Oftentimes, the company will send a mass message to all employees to tidy their offices and dress in business attire instead of business casual when board members are visiting. When we were younger, the subsitute teacher meant free day! Ladies, if you know that dream boy will be at the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you breakout the cute, matching work out gear for those days. And gentlemen, you splash an extra dose of “smell good” on when you know you are going to “run into” that dream girl at the party that night. It’s cool, we all do it but here’s where we need to let maturity set in.

Think about this… people are watching you even when you have no idea they are watching you! Those same people that you are trying so hard to impress just may not be the people that have your answer. Maybe, just maybe… the people that you hold at lesser value are the people that God has placed in your life to elevate you to that next level. Even better, they may be the people that God has assigned you to elevate but you’re too busy worrying about that person with a certain status or appearance. We serve an excellent God and if we’re made in His image that means we need to strive for excellence in every area of our lives… when we have a visible audience and when we don’t; when we care and when we don’t. It’s a lesson on integrity. Who are we really? Who do we really serve? If we truly served God and made Him most important than there wouldn’t be a time of day that we weren’t striving to be our best.

In order to be women and men of true integrity, we have to make excellence a lifestyle. We have to take on the belief that we have an audience of 1 — GOD! If ever we needed to impress, it should be for Him. He’s the One who created us and gave us the mind and talent to do all that we do to impress other people anyway! Don’t take this as a lashing because it’s just as much for me as it is for you. Just take it as a charge to live a life of integrity by choosing a lifestyle of excellence. Someone is watching you. Someone is depending on you to be who you say you are ALL the time. Someone is in need of you to set an earthly example of how excellent our God really is. So let’s keep that in mind as we present ourselves in public and communicate with our peers. It’s the year of Kingdom Maturity so it’s time for us to grow up!

Happy Tuesday!!

Love, Bianca


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