Simple Humanity

I really shouldn’t be surprised but I am! I decided at the last minute to reschedule my blogs so that I could repost an older piece that would speak to the legacy of Nelson Mandela. I decided on “Simple Humanity” only to see that the original version was posted almost an exact year ago to date. I posted this last year on 12/11/12. How amazing that it would be so fitting a year later. No, it doesn’t speak to Nelson Mandela directly, but it speaks to everything he stood for and the legacy he left to the world. We honor you Mandela and we’re grateful for your long life of sacrifice, service, and leadership.

At 6:00 this evening, I still wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to share today. I almost thought I would skip this week. That was until I ran into a familiar friend. A friend that may not even remember me or the day we crossed paths. Last year, I wrote a blog about a woman name Elizabeth. A fragile, elderly woman who I met on her way home. Well, as I was rushing off to an event this evening, I caught a glimpse of her… in the same long trench coat, hunched over, juggling the bags in both her hands. I said aloud,  “Elizabeth!!” She couldn’t hear me; my windows were up. She couldn’t see me because we were on opposite sides of the street. I thought about trying to pull over to wait for her but wasn’t sure if I would scare her. I mean it has been ages since our paths crossed and though I gave her my contact to reach out if she ever needed a ride anywhere she had not taken me up on the offer.

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