Go Deep

“The best things in life are often inconvenient. Pearls and diamonds are hard to get to but worth the effort.” ~ Steve Harvey

A few weeks ago, God spoke to me through a message on “Blessed Inconvenience.” Basically it was about making yourself available for others even if it doesn’t fit in with your plans or your routine. You aren’t always going to have control over your day, your week, or months to come when you are operating in His will instead of your own. I got it… it blessed me and not even a week later I experienced at least 3 events that were a total inconvenience to me but when it was said and done, I was happy to have obeyed.

God may call you to go out of your way for someone that could possibly never return the favor. You’re going to have to stop playing it safe. You’re going to have to feel some discomfort. You’re going to have to REALLY not feel like doing something that you know God’s called you to do in order to experience God’s best. My pastor once referenced how at most community pools the shallow end is the most packed with people. You can barely get one good stroke in before you run into someone. In contrast, most times the deep end is completely empty and for one reason… FEAR, which is birthed out of inexperience. People want to feel secure by knowing if they ever get uncomfortable, they can just stand up. It’s less likely that you’ll drown in the shallow end. Similarly, people stick to what they know, who they grew up with, and the communities that look and feel familiar. That’s not living. That’s surviving.  Let me encourage you as I encourage myself to take the floaters off. Stop trying to feel the ground. Venture out into the deep end and trust God to keep you afloat. The more practice you get, the more comfortable you will be out in the open and the shallow end will look like child’s play!

long distanceI’m going to end with this because I know how well my readers respond to the “relationship” topic. Steve Harvey’s quote that I shared in the opening is in reference to dating. In particular dating someone from a distance. I have found myself in that situation and trust me it was inconvenient. You can’t see the person as much as you want. You have to schedule in time to talk to them. You have to plan ahead to visit. It cost money. It takes patience. It opens you up to the “what ifs.” What if he meets someone that lives closer? What if he loses interest because I’m not in arms reach? Those things are possible but that’s when you have to seek God’s guidance. He’ll reveal if you should walk away.  But remember this… Just because you meet someone that lives in your neighborhood or even in your same city doesn’t mean they’re the one for you… and just because you meet someone 15 hours away doesn’t mean they’re not. Don’t limit yourself and more importantly don’t limit God. He knows the desires of your heart so remove all the restrictions that you place on yourself because of your limited view. God sees all things and will orchestrate your path. Don’t be afraid to Go Deep!

Happy Tuesday!!

Love, Bianca


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