The Voice

Everyone says when you hear God’s voice move in the way that he instructs you to move. No hesitation. No second opinions. Just go! That sounds good in theory but lets take in to account someone who has been unsuccessful at shutting down all the other clutter that fills their thoughts. What’s the secret to extracting His voice from all other voices that fill your head with things contrary to what you believe He is telling you to do. Not all things contrary have to be bad. They can just be logical, safe, or comfortable. In other words, if you chose to follow the contrary, you wouldn’t necessarily be doing yourself or anyone else any harm… or would you?

FrustrationThis piece is probably the most organic piece I’ve ever written. It started from the depths of frustration with being too afraid to move and too afraid to stay. At some point I read something, not even sure what it was at this point, that led me to think about His voice and the fact that I’m not hearing it clear enough. Then I began to reflect at how terrible I am with meditation even though I haven’t been consistent with trying. In the midst of that thought, I recall a message from my assistant pastor Dwayne Freeman from bible study the other night. I could go on about all the other thoughts that intercepted but I don’t want to confuse you! The point I’m trying to get to is that there are many times where I don’t feel like I hear Him clear enough or at all. I try to shut things down and after too many failed attempts I just shut down… hello frustration.

So as I write this, I’m realizing that this is more of an open letter of frustration. I have declared this year as the year of transition for me yet I have no idea when the transitioning is going to take place and it’s a blower! I know what I want. I’m confessing it daily and doing what I can do in my power to make it come to pass. What I’m not clear on is where I’m supposed to start because there’s so many things that look out of place. It’s like having a cluttered room, almost to the point of a hoarder and saying to yourself “Where do I even begin?” I’ve never been a hoarder of things but what I’m realizing is that I am a hoarder of thoughts that are negatively affecting my progress. And if those thoughts are hindering me from my assignment then I guess that would mean following those thoughts that are contrary to God is harmful to me. It’s detrimental to me living the life God’s planned for me and to those who I am supposed to impact.

Let’s put it like this, when we are consumed by our own thoughts they distract us from the lessons that life is trying to teach us. It’s similar to a student in a class who’s too busy thinking about how much time there is until recess or until practice after school or until a birthday party that weekend. Whether he pays attention to the lesson or not, learning is still taking place in the classroom. Important information is being given that will be essential to him passing that course and graduating to the next level. God doesn’t stop sharing with us what we need to progress in life. His lessons continue to be revealed but if we’re distracted by what’s lacking in our bank account or the gossip in the office or the person(s) who have it out for us, we’ll miss the lessons every time and guess what… we never graduate to the next level! That level could be a new residence, a new job, a new friendship, a new idea. We’ll end up feeling stuck and frustrated because we’re tired of the same ole’ same ole’ but not equipped enough to move forward.

images-9If we are intentional and consistent about what we lend our ear to on a daily basis we will be on the right path. Meditation is key! We must be still enough to hear His voice so that the mysteries are no longer mysteries to us. We’ll have confidence in making decisions because we’ll know that those decisions were a result of His instruction. Until we condition ourselves to do that, we’ll remain in the same state of frustration, never reaching our full potential and living out the purpose God has for us. Yes, frustration is what sparked this blog post which I believe others will be able to relate to and we’ll be able to overcome the void with The Voice together.

Happy Tuesday (even in the midst of frustration)!!

Love, Bianca


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  1. Your posts/articles are always so ‘on time’ for me! Was dealing with this just this morning. I had a plan to sit and pray this morning, but, due to frustration of uncluttering my thoughts, I didn’t even start praying… (settled for just reading the Word as prayer). I definitely need to focus because I, too, am believing for some things…and would do much better without distractions sidetracking me. Thanks for this post- it really brought clarity to my own ‘frustration’ lol.

  2. Thank you for your comment K! We have so much competing for our attention everyday that it takes work to shut it all down and get into His presence. Happy that you enjoy my posts and thanks for the support!!

  3. “Until we condition ourselves to do that, we’ll remain in the same state of frustration, never reaching our full potential and living out the purpose God has for us.”

    Powerful words inside of a powerful message. Thanks for sharing!

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