“What’s the move? Can I tell the truth? If I was doing this for you. Then I have nothing left to prove…” ~ Drake

My friend put it best when she said, “I can take the meat from something and discard the bones.” She was speaking in reference to receiving the “meat” from a lesson and discarding any untruths. In her case, she was referring to different styles of pastors. In my case, I’m referring to any person that has a voice and platform whether it be spiritual or secular. Now I know that may not be the church’s idea of what’s appropriate but it’s one of the many ways that God speaks to me. It’s a beautiful thing when you walk in the freedom that comes with knowing the God you serve and hearing his voice in the midst of so many other voices including your own. There are days when I may want to listen rap lyrics or indulge in gossip sites and I fall back because I feel led to listen to a lesson from a pastor or mentor, read a book, or play a praise and worship CD. I may not be in the mood for it at the moment but every time I obey, I get a reward for it. Something about what I’m listening to will speak to a situation I’m experiencing directly or prepare me for something lying ahead of me that day.

Conviction should come from hearing the voice of God in an area that needs extra attention; it should not come from the threat of being judged by others. Allow correction from people that you hold in high regard and you believe God has placed in your life for such a responsibility. Don’t allow the judgments of people that have no idea how you hear from God or how God chooses to speak to you. As believers, we’re all His children and just as one child in a family may need to be coddled, there are siblings that may need a stern hand or a raised voice to get their attention. God loves us equally but understands that none of us are the same. The root of his love is the same across the board but his way of teaching varies with each of us.

Many times as believers we try so hard to seclude ourselves and drown out worldly influence when there’s actual meat in some of it. Of course there are times when God will call you into solitude or tell you to do away with something for a season or a lifetime. Follow His voice not the expectations and judgments of others. My goal for this blog is to be transparent so yes I listen to secular rap music from time to time.  I’m able to use relatable topics to shed light in areas of my readers’ lives that may need special attention. I get nothing out of being preachy and shunning music that falls outside of the gospel category, especially when I get so much revelation from all different types of experiences in life. The fruit is not in what you know, it’s what you do with what you know. Love it or hate it, I learn a lot from all different types of music. I can take the meat and throw away the bones.

drake-cover-650So yes, I listen to Drake from time to time and what do I hear when he says, “If I was doing this for you, then I’d have nothing left to prove”? As it relates to this blog, I don’t do it for the applause of others. I don’t do it for people’s approval. There’s no need to compete with anyone because what He has for me is for me. My blog is a reflection of what God is doing in my life in hopes to inspire people to grow in their relationship with Him.  So if there’s anything I need to prove, it’s to prove to Him that I’m worthy of such responsibility. His reward is the ultimate trophy.

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Bianca



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