What You Don’t Know Is…

Have you ever walked up on someone in the street and you feel like you are “real life” friends but you actually don’t know them at all? You know the one’s that you follow on Twitter or Instagram and they post their life chronicles so much so that you start believing the two of you go way back! I’ve had that happen a few times. I saw someone and wanted to run up to them and say ” Hey girl!” but then realized at the last second, “She don’t know me!”

I don’t think I’ll ever be the type of writer that discloses her every move but I do see the value in some little known things about me to help us connect in ways that may not be possible through my normal posts. I’m not an open book but there’s nothing wrong with sharing some fun facts with my loyal readers and even my newbies! So if you came here looking for some deep, profound, thought provoking message… sorry, today isn’t that kind of day. This is just PURE fun and maybe we’ll have something weird in common. Who knows! Consider this my way of saying “HI!! This is me!… in a nutshell.” Continue reading “What You Don’t Know Is…”

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