What You Don’t Know Is…

Have you ever walked up on someone in the street and you feel like you are “real life” friends but you actually don’t know them at all? You know the one’s that you follow on Twitter or Instagram and they post their life chronicles so much so that you start believing the two of you go way back! I’ve had that happen a few times. I saw someone and wanted to run up to them and say ” Hey girl!” but then realized at the last second, “She don’t know me!”

I don’t think I’ll ever be the type of writer that discloses her every move but I do see the value in some little known things about me to help us connect in ways that may not be possible through my normal posts. I’m not an open book but there’s nothing wrong with sharing some fun facts with my loyal readers and even my newbies! So if you came here looking for some deep, profound, thought provoking message… sorry, today isn’t that kind of day. This is just PURE fun and maybe we’ll have something weird in common. Who knows! Consider this my way of saying “HI!! This is me!… in a nutshell.”

1. I’m the one and only child of both of my parents and quite possibly the one “Only Child” you know that is NOT spoiled 😉

2. I love Mafia movies! Anything with the Italian mob, I’m hooked! If I didn’t know Jesus I probably would have made some pretty poor choices in boyfriends because of this fact LOL!

3. I hate feet! My mother tortures me constantly with trying to put her feet on me and I squeal like a 5 year old.


4. I will put ketchup on everything! Love ketchup, hate tomatoes. Yeah, yeah, I know but whatever!

5. I’m a girlie girl that loves football! I will paint my toes while rocking my Griffin jersey and screaming out “Off side” at the refs!… Oh and so there’s no question, I’m a die-hard Redskins fan! REAL DC natives are:0Predskins



6. I’m a dog lover. So much so that I volunteered at an animal shelter and ended up leaving with the BADDEST, most ANTISOCIAL dog I could find… not on purpose though but we connected.  Go figure! His name is Milo … King Milo that is 🙂 naughty milo








7. I’ve travelled to Australia and have every intentions of going back with my kid/kids one day! And no they aren’t born yet. My hubby hasn’t found me yet but I’m ready for him ;0)

8. My favorite restaurants have very little to do with the food and everything to do with the type of bread they serve! I LOVE bread so I’ll never be on the no carbs diet! Never! LOL

9. I’m mildly adventurous. I will snorkel, rock climb, knee surf, parasail, horseback ride… usually all while on vacation. I like to explore new things on vacay! Yep, that’s me working that trapeze in the pic below! 🙂


10. I don’t do bugs or rodents so I will never camp outdoors overnight unless we are “glamping” (See pic below for my camping standards LOL)… oh and I need a fully equipped, insulated bathroom with running water and a shower.

Well, that’s 10 things you probably would never know about me by just reading my blog! If you find we have something in common let me hear from you!

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Bianca


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    It’s a different kind of Tuesday! I’m sharing some deep, dark secrets! Not really… just some fun random facts that may give you a little laugh! Check it out! It’s Tuesday with Bianca! Let’s GO!!! #gettoknowus #tueswithbianca #hiworld

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