Hunger Pains

Many of you know that I’m a huge supporter of DeVon Franklin. I stumbled upon him a few years ago and have followed his journey from a far. Last year, I had the honor of meeting him at The Merge Summit held in LA and to say that that moment made an imprint would be an understatement. There’s something to say about someone who you just know is unapologetically themselves. He is genuinely a kind soul with a courageous spirit and a heart for people so it’s no surprise that on this past Sunday I would tune into all 3 services at One Church International where he was the guest speaker. Yes, I watched the 9am, 11am, and 1pm!! That’s how on point he was and how hungry I am to get this thing called life right! The message was the same in all 3 services but the delivery was different. I got something different from each one and I wish I could regurgitate everything in this one article but it would be a book in itself. Instead, I’d like to do one better and share the link to the 1pm service for all of you to witness. (Click here and scroll to about 01:11:30 for the message.) Since I know that some of you won’t watch for lack of time or even lack of interest, I’ll just share a few nuggets that I believe were said directly to me! No seriously, he was all up in my life and yes I was yelling at the screen! Ha!His message touched on so many things:

  1.  You are in the “Yes” season the moment you were born.
  2. Our flesh will have us say “Yes” to some things that will get us out of the manifestation of the “Yes” season God has for us.
  3.  Humility is not using your position as the source of your power.
  4. Say “No” to anything that does not look like where you are going!!!!
  5. The desert is not a place of punishment but of preparation!
  6. All of the above mentioned points could easily be their own article but for the sake of getting to the point I’m going to tackle his “hunger” demonstration.

hungryTowards the end of his sermon he mentioned that he hadn’t eaten breakfast and asked someone to bring him something to eat. A minute later the guy comes out with a piece of lemon cake and a glass of water. He takes 4 hefty bites and then asks for the ingredients. The list of saturated fat, calories, and sugar were pretty high. Even though the cake was delicious and fulfilled his hunger for the moment, if he had taken the time to research the ingredients he may have opted to wait for something better. The demonstration was so on point as he tied it into our hunger to be something or have something in life.

All of us have a hunger to accomplish some things in life. We’re looking for purpose. We’re looking for companionship. We’re looking for financial increase. We have titles, degrees, spouses, children, travel destinations all laid out on our personal timetable. The older we get and the less we see things manifesting, the more hungry we become. This is not the time to be super spiritual and say that Jesus fulfills all my needs. Yes He is more than enough and can sustain us in the darkest of times but our human side still has wants and desires. Be honest about those things! That’s the only way to properly deal with them. The hungrier we are, the more we’re thinking “oh, this will do.” As soon as something looks even remotely close to what we’re desiring we hop on it! It’s the fear of loneliness. The fear of not measuring up. The fear of failure. All of it is based in fear and when we have faith, fear can not reside.

Stay the course. Do not get tired of well doing. Know that if you continue to say “Yes” to the things of God that your “Yes” season will manifest like never before. God’s will is for us to fulfill the purpose and plan that He has predestined for our lives. Know that as long are you are in His will you can not fail. His love is relentless and there’s nothing greater. You’ll get that dream job. You’ll get that dream home. You’ll get that degree. Your business will thrive. You’ll meet the perfect person for you. Just don’t settle!! Don’t eat the cake for breakfast 🙂 !!! Wait for the nutritious meal. One that won’t have you regretting having it later.

One of the best lines he said was, “Why can’t people come with nutritional facts attached to them?!!” Yes DeVon! Warning… I’m not who I say I am! Warning… I only want one thing from you! Warning… I’m no good for you! Warning… I’m a pathological liar! Ha! As wonderful as it would be to have a list of all the harmful things and intentions people have for you, we must remember that actually do have a guide. We have Holy Spirit. Lean on that relationship when trying to make a decision on who and where to give your time. Whether it’s a romantic relationship, a business deal, or a big career move seek Holy Spirit first. It will save you a lot of time and in some cases a lot of heartache.

janette the truth[1]Before I sign out, I have to bring attention to a woman that I’ve admired for quite awhile. Years ago I was forwarded a link of her performing “I Will Wait For You” and it kept me looking for her ever since. To my surprise, I also had the pleasure of meeting her at The Merge Summit and she’s the coolest. So talented! Her name is Janette, stage name “Janette-Ikz” and she’s now staring in a web series titled “The Wait Is Over.” Yes, you guessed it, she’s getting married to the man that wasn’t even in her dreams. They are hilarious and quite possibly one of the realist couple you’ll find. I love their transparency and their unique relationship. She’s someone I admire and hope to work with one day. It’s no surprise that her first webisode with her future hubby was released on TUESDAY!!! (wink, wink) Check it out here!! Subscribe, enjoy, and have faith that you are in your “YES” season!

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Bianca






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  1. Reblogged this on The BOLD & The FABULOUS and commented:

    You know you’re hungry for something!! It’s okay! Our master chef has something awesome cooked up! Don’t settle for fast food! My post has nothing to do with food though. Check it out and see what I’m really talking about! Happy Tuesday!!!

  2. Wow. Your posts never cease to amaze me. God knows what you need to hear at the time that you need to hear it. This message was right on time. Thank you for sharing your love of all things God and all things Great. From now on, I’m claiming and walking in my “YES” season.

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