Yeah, you read the title right and no I haven’t lost my mind. This message is coming from the ULTIMATE planner. I plan EVERYTHING! I like to know what, when, how, and why for anything that I get involved in. I’m from the school of “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” So let me explain why I can still hold true to the notion of “Stop Planning” even when I have intentions of continuing to plan.

ERICTHOMASLast night I listened in to the Mentor Mondays’ Spreecast with Paul Brunson. He’s one of my favorite people to follow on social media and I’ve been fortunate enough to have met him a few times since he also lives in DC. The guest for the evening was a man named Eric Thomas who is a world renowned motivational speaker. Once a 16 year old high school drop out who later received his GED and is currently working towards his PHD! I love stories like that!

Just to be clear, prior to last night’s spreecast I’d only seen one of his YouTube videos and although I thought he was excellent at public speaking, I didn’t latch on to him. His delivery is a little abrupt and in your face and it seemed like his messaging was geared to a younger, more adolescent crowd. Indeed, his messaging is focused on urban youth to help them see the bigger picture and believe that they can be more than what their environment says they can. I honor him for that. But last night, he was speaking to grown men and women. Many of us educated, professional, and somewhat established in careers. None of that mattered. He had a solid word for us. Here’s a few nuggets that stood out:

  1. Serve first then speak. People don’t really care what you have to say until they know that your actually care. His entire career by serving people. Let that sink in.

  2. What he contributes to his success: Prayer and consistency. “I don’t go looking for people. I stay consistent and do what I’m supposed to do.” His energy and passion draws people to him.

  3. He wakes up at 3 am to prayer for an hour before he starts his day. (I’m slacking!)

  4. The inspiration comes from the people he meets on the street who tell him how his videos affected them and in some cases changed their lives. He doesn’t study other motivational speakers to see how they connect with their audience. He learns through interacting with the people he serves.

There were so many points that resonated for me. So much so that after the call was done I sought out to find more videos of him. I can’t lie, not all the videos resonated with me but there was one that grabbed my attention immediately. The title alone gave me pause and caused my eyes to bug out my head. It read: “Stop Planning.” Whaaaaattt?! I hit play and boy did he hit it out the park.

ERICTHOMAS1Everything that he mentioned was exactly the stage that I’m in and what I’m already putting into practice. I want you all to actually watch the 8:00 video so I won’t spoil it for you. The overall premise is to stop planning for events. Put the work in as if you’re already working at that dream job or already got that big engagement. Stop waiting for that phone call. Study, prepare, plan, and develop as if you already have a start date.

In so many ways, that’s the path I’m on now. I’m making moves that to many people probably seem really odd. It’s even uncomfortable for me at times but mostly when I take my focus off of my goal and look at my circumstances. I’m prepping for something that has not happened and doesn’t look like will happen this year. This year was all about bold moves for me and I’m staying true to my promise to myself. I’m doing everything afraid and that’s okay… I’m doing it! No longer trapped in my own box. Everything that I dream of can be attained if I get out of my own way and the video I’m sharing with you just proves my point.

He says “If you’re an athlete, you’re an athlete with or without a NBA or NFL contract.” Whatever you aspire to do, work towards it and perfect it well before your time arrives!  Work as if it’s already happening so when it does you happen, you won’t skip a beat. So get to work!… but not before checking out this video! 🙂  HAPPY TUESDAY!!!

Oh one more thing, just learned he has a podcast called “TGIM” (Thank God It’s Monday)… see any similarities?! I’m just saying… I think I’m on the right path! 🙂




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