Lessons of a Love Song

Leela James

I heard this song on the radio last night and it bought me to a place that I haven’t been in a long time. The passion in her voice grabbed my attention and drew me into each lyric. I searched forever until I figured out the artist and boy was I excited when I found it! I immediately went to download “Fall For You” by Leela James on iTunes. There’s something about a song that can pull you in by the sincerity of the lyrics. You all should know by now that I’m not hung up on just listening to Gospel music. There are lessons all around us and if we pigeon hole ourselves into songs that only fit a certain standard we miss out on life lessons and opportunities for God to show us how omnipresent He really is.

When I heard this song, it made me a little sad at first. I thought about how awesome innocent love is. That love that is blind to any type of hurt, disappointment, or regret. It’s the love that makes you believe in forever. The love that you never imagine changing. It’s more than puppy love. It’s a love that’s unhindered by bad memories and fear. I thought to myself “It’s such a beautiful thing until you’ve wasted it on someone who is undeserving.”

Just when I was about to feel a little down I heard God immediately say “Imagine if I felt that way about you.” Stuck. Such an embarrassing yet humbling experience to think of all the mess He’s loved me through. All the times I should have lost my mind or given up but didn’t because of His unconditional, unwavering love. He never thinks his love is wasted on any of us no matter how many times we screw up. No matter how many times we reject Him, He never rejects us. He’s there to pick us up, dust us off, correct our ways, and love us back into loving ourselves. Let’s face it, it’s a lot harder for us to forgive ourselves when we feel we’ve blown it. But God.

So I share this just as a reminder to anyone who has loved and been disappointed in the outcome. Don’t give up on love. Just because someone didn’t take care of your heart, it never belonged to them anyway. God has our heart and if we keep it locked on Him, He’ll protect it. We don’t have to go around giving everyone the side-eye. We don’t have to test them and figure it all out on our own. Consult God first, listen for His guidance, and when it’s time to let someone in you’ll know. It’s a process. Trust the process. As we put effort into our relationship with Him, we’ll get wiser. God is love so giving up on it would mean giving up on Him… and that’s never a good thing!

Love you guys and I hope you enjoy this beautiful song as much as I did!


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  1. Your welcome! This message really spoke to me as I can relate to everything you said. Especially the line: “There are lessons all around us and if we pigeon hole ourselves into songs that only fit a certain standard we miss out on life lessons and opportunities for God to show us how omnipresent He really is.” If you don’t mind I’d like to share a testimony with you (Please excuse the length): Before I became a Christian I was a hip-hop junky/house head and when I tell you these types of music were my gods, they literally were. After coming to Christ, I struggled with the transition not just from these but other genre’s of secular music until I just allowed God to bring me what He felt was good for me to listen too. I was cool w/ that as He gave me what I could handle and made my spirit sensitive to the spirits in music. I knew what was good for my spirit and what wasn’t, but I struggled big time with what wasn’t ๐Ÿ™‚ I felt like there was something missing, but I knew that God knew best so I just kept praying. Then all of a sudden “Mali Music” came on the scene in 2008. I swear this dude had what I had been yearning for for the longest time! He was making the kind of music that my spirit could enjoy without feeling the guilt of compromise or the thin line between what’s holy and acceptable to God in terms of gospel and secular music. But little did I know that what God was doing was setting me up for even more breakthroughs with other Christian artists of the same caliber. Looking back now I’m seeing that God had to break me free of the musical chains first so that he could bring me to a level of spiritual maturity where I wouldn’t as you said, “pigeon hole” myself. Now, I have not yet attained as God is still working with me, and I have much more learning and growing to do, but I’m in a much better place now where I can listen to guys like Lecrae, John Legend, Sean C. Johnson, Flame, Eric Roberson, and Mali Music (whom is my favorite) all at the same time and be ok. But please keep me in your prayers for my desire is to not only be a balanced Christian, but one with a sure identity so that I can give glory to God, be an effective witness to others and at the end of the day, be happy being me. I will definitely keep you and your ministry in my prayers as well ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Bianca!

    God Bless,


  2. That’s real talk. Appreciate the transparency! I’ll keep you lifted in prayer as we all are works in progress. I appreciate you doing the same! Thanks for sharing your story! I love reading comments!

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