An Evening Out: Purity w/ Style Launch Party

danille-e1407897010589A few weeks ago I received a personal invite to serve as press for the launch of a young woman’s clothing line. Although I was honored, I wasn’t quite sure why I was chosen. I write a blog about various experiences in my life and in the lives of others but never had I covered an actual event as press. I hesitated for about 3 minutes before I responded with, “Absolutely!”

There’s nothing like a night in a swanky loft in the heart of DC spent with women of power, prestige, and a love of all things pure. I was able to get a few moments to chat with the lovely Danielle Stradford, founder and CEO of “Purity w/ Style.” Aside from her gracious smile and welcoming spirit, she’s a beautiful force behind a powerful movement to redefine the look of purity. Here’s a look into the life of the visionary and her new lifestyle brand:

What experiences led you to taking a stand on purity and making it a brand?

My mom and dad are celebrating 30 years of marriage this year. My dad was a virgin when he married my mom. I always grew up in this great environment but it wasn’t always something that I wanted. I thought the grass was greener on the other side. I started experimenting with that and I saw that my self esteem was lower so when I made the decision 3 years ago my life was totally transformed… My relationship with God actually became real, not something I just lived off because of my mom and dad. I began to develop the mindset of what purity really meant. It wasn’t just sex, it’s every area of your life. It’s about being bold about it and making it attractive because it is attractive. It’s beautiful. I started a book club with some of my friends and then the website and then I started blogging and I realized it needed to be more so that’s when I developed the clothing line.

What type of products should women expect from your brand?

Outside of the t-shirts we will be coming out with bracelets beginning early next year. The logo for the brand is the key which symbolizes that purity is really the key to your heart. So the bracelets will feature the key. Also we’ll have books that will be coming along as well.

How would you describe your style and what are some of your fashion must-haves?

My style is whatever I want feel like I want to be that day. Sometimes rocker chic, next day preppy. Some of my must haves are boyfriend jeans… and I love nail polish and a nice big bag.

The night was full of colorful art, networking, mocktails, and topped off with a fashion show premiering her signature “Purity w/Style” shirts. You just never know who’s watching you and what opportunities lie ahead of you. Be open to possibilities that are new to you and may be outside of your comfort zone. I’m sure glad I did! I met a lot of great women with positive energy and similar passions. Be on the look out for more coverage of events that fit within my brand in the near ! A huge thank you to Danielle Stradford for opening the door! Check her out at and support the vision!

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