Say I Won’t

Lecrae’s song “Say I Won’t” is on steady repeat these days. The beat is fire but the lyrics embody everything that I want my life to stand for. Rebellion is natural for me. I don’t fit into crowds and never wanted to be a part of one. I do my own thing when and how I want to do it without any company or approval from pretty much anyone. I have my select few that I may bounce ideas off of but those are people that I hold in high regard and know beyond doubt that they have my best interest at heart. So when I ran this track that pretty much dares anyone to say what you can’t or won’t do I was hooked. But God, in true form, took it to another level and gave it a much bigger meaning.

See when my faith is tested, I go through a range of emotions. I question if God hears me. I question if I hear Him. Whether I’m the forgotten one or if anything that I set my mind to will work out as planned. I’m not the one that has had everything work in her favor. I’m not the one that has had an abundance of miracles performed. My life is blessed for sure and I’m not downplaying all that God has allowed me to accomplish. I’m just saying that some of my biggest desires have yet to be fulfilled and recently they look completely out of reach. Like, so far off the map that if I didn’t have my faith I’d be in a very bad way by now. Fortunately, though I go through my emotional rollercoaster, I always manage to come back to what I know and that’s this truth:

Luke 16:17 ESV “But it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one dot of the Law to become void.”

In other words, God’s Word says, “SAY I WON’T.” Our confidence lies in Him. Nothing that we want to accomplish can be done without Him so if I’m bold enough to dare someone to tell me I can’t do something, why don’t I see that my roller coaster of emotions is essentially saying God can’t do what He says He can?! I mean, I’m a faith girl, right? I believe in His Word. So if I’m going to go through hell, I better go through it with a full understanding that it’s temporary. I won’t reside there. I’m being tested and tried but my faith is strengthened so that when I do come through I can look back and know that it was only by the grace of God.

I challenge everyone to be bold enough to stand on God’s Word and the promises He’s given you for you life. Your dreams don’t have to stay in a dream-like state. You can accomplish all that you want to accomplish in life if you just stop saying He won’t. Stop listening to other people’s weaknesses. Stand on the confidence that God’s Word is unshakable, unmovable, and unbeatable. And if you believe in that, you can rock out with me to Lecrae’s song “Say I Won’t.” With a renewed mind and clear understanding, it won’t just be a cool song to you, it will be more of a battle cry because in the end we know… WE WIN!

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Bianca


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  1. Reblogged this on The BOLD & The FABULOUS and commented:

    “Say I Won’t… why ya’ll scared to be different.” It’s crazy how many people say that a boss and they the baddest but you can’t pick them out of a crowd of the same types talking the same junk. Well here’s my spin and why I love Lecrae’s song even more! Happy Tuesday loves! #tueswithbianca

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