I can’t think of a better way to voice my excitement about seeing Mali Music in concert tonight  than to repost one of my most favorite blogs originally posted this past June. It’s not many artists who I’ll pay to see and especially new ones! Well tonight I’m checking out my newest fav at the legendary Howard Theater. I know he won’t disappoint so in honor of him and his powerful, uplifting music; I invite you take a walk down memory lane with me as I dig into my archives to reveal just what makes Mali so awesome in my eyes. Enjoy!! I’m on my way to the Mali party as we speak! 

Yeah the pain came and the rain fell down
But I maintained through the skirmish
Its cause I love you and you’re worth it
Yeah you could be anything to them
But to me you’re perfect
I fight for you, I’m right for you
I’m here on purpose.

MaliIsMusic is a powerful drug. It can change your mood with the change of a beat and in this case it can change every word that you wanted to write. At least that’s what happened to me today. I scrapped my entire blog entry after listening to just one song on Mali Music’s debut album “Mali Is.” Let me just say that I could write an entire blog about almost every song. It’s just that dope. But for now, I’m going to dive into the sheer genius and power behind a song titled “Fight for You.”  My goal is to know every verse by the end of the week and with as much as it’s been repeated today, I think I’ll pull it off. I haven’t been moved this hard by a song since India Arie’s “Break the Shell.”

I’m taking the time to dissect this song for a few reasons:

1. The lyrics are POWERFUL.

2. Super religious folks won’t give it a chance because it’s not “gospel” they can jump and shout about.

3. It speaks to my own struggle with pursuing God’s will and gives me so much life!

Situations will approach you
And opportunities to faith shade and downgrade will provoke you
And those you trust will start to turn too
So never pay too much attention to the things they said they won’t do
And you gotta be persistent and believe me you ain’t seen much
It’s just the beginning
Mark, and slow to speaking but be quick to listen
Be mindful, you be vigilant and pay attention

Mali2The song is so big that I’m finding it hard to narrow the scope of my message. I’m no stranger to this feeling so I’m just going to do what I always do… write from the heart and let it take its course. So here’s the scene: I’m having a super busy day at work. Emails are piling in, meeting requests are being sent, phone conversations are interrupted by drop in’s with even more pressing issues and I’m like… “I need a release!” Too busy to just take a walk, I decided to take a few seconds to download Mali’s new album (Sidenote: I was first introduced to Mali Music last year at The Merge Summit in LA. An experience that changed my life.). Within minutes, I have it playing as background music because clearly I have way too much going on to really listen intently.  I’m literally in the midst of sending an email and I hear this beat. I catch a few of the lyrics and stop in mid sentence to turn it up a notch. At that moment I say “Forget it, I’m playing this back.” I sat there with a to-do list as long as I am tall and listened with my full attention. By the end of the song, I literally felt a weight lifted. I felt rejuvenated, loved, and just happy to know God. I mean really know Him. Did my work go away? No. Did it get lighter? No. But my perspective changed. My determination was restored… and I’m not just talking about as it relates to my job. I had a renewed passion for life. I know it sounds deep and a little dramatic but it’s so real.

To put it all into perspective, a few weeks ago I had friends laughing at me when I told them I just heard the most angry song ever while attending a day party. After trying to demonstrate the beat, a friend of mine said it was a Meek Mills’ song. I asked, “Why is he SO angry?” I mean, I came to the party real mellow and chill but after hearing so many songs with that same angry, aggressive tone I felt like I needed to be angry about something too. Hahaha! I walked out mugging just waiting for something to pop off. Not a good feeling at all. As soon as I left that environment, I fell back into my normal self and truly realized the power that music can have over you if you’re not aware.

Mali3The song “Fight For You” did the exact opposite. God was speaking through Mali’s lyrics, reassuring me of all the things that you would want any earthly man to say to you. I know that sounds weird but that’s how it grabbed me. As daughters we expect our dads to be our protectors and some of us are blessed to have earthly fathers that would die for us. In the same realm, we want a man that will fight for us. We want a husband that rides for us, encourages us, and whose love is unwavering. Mali’s lyrics expressed what God has already revealed in His Word and that is that He’s already filled that role for us! Rest in knowing that.

Mali turned the same message that can be found throughout numerous chapters in the Word into a sweet melody to reach a group that may have never touched a Bible. His lyrics will reach a group that may have never come to church and people who may not have ever thought about having a relationship with Christ. I just appreciate him for using his gift to glorify God in his own, unique, unconventional way and doing so in such excellence. The same people upset that he’s gone secular and are the same people that will cosign artists, pastors, and reality shows who tote Bibles and wear church clothes but whose lives are jacked up. And you already know how I feel about artists throwing the name “Jesus” around to sell records that aren’t even Word based but I’m not going there again.

There’s no need to worry bout them ‘let me downs’
You can call ‘em extinct
The moment you let me round, I torched it
Screen shattered and forced it to move off that groove
It made on the porch in your heart
I knew from the start it was gon’ be war
The grounds we’re fightin for
The thought of u free from things yeah
Hurt, fear, depression and anger
Confused and rage and pain got all
Got me out here with my tools up
Fighting with what I could use up

Here’s what was deposited into my spirit after over a dozen listens:

“Everything that you ever wanted or needed, I Am. I can not fail you. I won’t let you go. Don’t be distracted by the people that let you down, treat you like you’re less than, try to mold you into what makes them comfortable. I created you perfectly in My image and in the midst of all the lies, false teachings, and empty promises… I’m here. When that dude overlooks you because he can’t get in your pants, I’m there. Every let down is an opportunity for me to build you up to the woman I created you to be (And the same goes for men but I’m just speaking from a woman’s perspective for obvious reasons.) Resist temptation. You hold the light and have the power to do all that I’ve called you to do. I’ll direct you, protect you, fight for you because I REFUSE to lose you!! “— Wow, can you grasp a love that strong? Well imagine it because it’s real in Him.

For someone that has experienced heartbreak, disappointment, let downs, nay sayers, “remixers” (listen to the song to get it), and a host of other negatives… this song makes me want to fight to stay true to who God has called me to be despite the odds that seem to be stacked against me. Despite what it looks like in the physical, I want to stay true to The Truth because He’s fighting for me. I don’t need the tambourines. I don’t need the organs. I don’t need the Hallelujahs and the Amens. I just need music from an artist who has a heart for God and is led by Him and not other’s expectations. I’ve found that in Mali Music and for that I’m grateful!

Top Favs: “Fight for You;” “Beautiful;” “Little Lady;” “Walking Shoes;” “Ready Aim;” “Heavy Love”

Click here to listen to the song “Fight for You.” 

Click here to purchase his album “Mali Is” today! 

It’s Tuesday with Bianca so what better day to make it happen! 🙂


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  1. That’s wassup! Thanks for the archive repost Bianca! I’m sure it was great show!! Its times like this when I miss living on the east coast cause I totally would have been there!! I missed Mali when he came to San Fran a little while ago so I hope he becomes back to NorCal soon 🙂

    God Bless!

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