Drop Your Anchor

It’s been a minute my friends! I know some of you may have thought I had thrown in the towel. Nope! I just had to regroup. The last few weeks of 2014 were chaotic. Not so much in my personal life but in the world that I woke up to everyday. My mind just couldn’t settle on one thing. I was angry about the injustices and feeling helpless in it all. I was disappointed in the faith community that I hold in high regard and want to see as leaders beyond the pulpit. I was distracted by my disappointments of not meeting certain personal goals. On top of that I had worries about family and trying to close out the year with a bang while still planning for the new one staring me in the face. I had so much to talk about and absolutely no idea what to say. I know that sounds weird but one thing that you will always get when you read my blog is transparency. The last few Tuesdays of 2014 I felt pressure to keep up with my perfect record of never missing a week. I felt the need to just write something but when I settled myself, I realized that I needed a break. I needed to clear my head, regroup, refocus and just take a breath. This blog has never been stressful before and I was determined not to let it become that way so I stepped away for a bit BUT here I am, back at it for the first Tuesday of 2015 and it’s GO TIME!!

anchorSo many people inspired this post today. I truly could write about a multitude of topics but today it’s all about “commitment.” I’m not even talking about New Year’s Resolutions. Never been interested in those. I’m talking about those things that God placed in your heart years ago. There are dreams and visions that we have carried around for years and have either never put our all into making them our reality or have never even attempted because of fear and excuses. I imagine a lot of us look like wandering ships sailing across waters too afraid to drop our anchors. The purpose of an anchor is to hold a ship in its set place. Even when the engine is not in use, without an anchor, the ship can be moved from its set place by the motion of the water. The only real security that ship has from not getting off course while it’s not in motion is its anchor. The anchor represents commitment. Where is your anchor this year?

shipFor some of us, God has already shown us our set place but we’re still wandering around trying to figure out things on our own. He’s told you where He needs you to focus. He’s given you a vision of that business. He’s told you where He wants you to serve. He’s given you a plan for your finances. He’s even told you what relationships to walk away from this year. Others of us need to isolate ourselves for a length of time to really hear from God in these areas. Maybe you’re wandering because you truly have not heard from Him. It’s not that He’s not speaking to you, it’s that you may be too preoccupied to listen. And then there are those who are simply anchored in the things of the past. You’re not wandering at all. You’re settled in your own ways. You’re settled in your old habits, old friendships, and just stagnant.

Let’s not miss it this year. God has opportunities for you in this vast world and if you’re anchored in the wrong place, you’ll miss out again this year and the year after that. Don’t get hung up on the changing of the calendar years thinking that new opportunities await if you’re not willing to make moves and commit to seeing them come to pass! Think of it like this, just because a fisherman drops his net and comes up without a catch doesn’t mean there isn’t any fish left in the sea. He’s just not in the right position to reap. We can’t go this life alone. Try it if you want and you’ll miss out on a wealth of opportunities that await you in your set place.

anchoredshipI’m claiming this year to be “The Year of Realized Dreams.” That doesn’t mean I just sit back and wait for them to appear. Pray about the things that He desires more than the things that you desire. Listen for His voice and let it drown out all other voices that speak fear, defeat, or uncertainty. Let’s not be wandering ships this year. Let’s not be stuck in our old ways either. Let’s aim to be anchored in the things that God has His hands in this year and trust that those visions will no longer be dreams but your reality! Happy New Year loves!! I’m back!!!


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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR Miss Bianca,
    It’s great to have you back I wish you all the best in 2015! Thank you once again for a great post I have some nuggets of encouragement to feed on through this year. One thing I’ve held onto that I’ll share with you is to respect your journey and appreciate the process. I think you’ve said that before actually lol

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