I don’t know why I still get so amazed at how God speaks to me. It starts with me noticing something that is so common place and seeing it through a new perspective. It’s like I have new or child-like eyes that are trying to process something that, on a normal day, I would walk by without a glance. Let me paint the picture for you…

smartcar1Everyday I go to work, I park in the same garage. I can admit, I’m not the most fond of the parking attendant and it often drives me nuts when I’m unable to find a space and then forced to leave my key with him. Well this particular day, I found a space albeit a bit further away than I’d like. As I’m walking to the door, I see what I thought was a space right outside of the doorway but as I got closer I realized that someone parked their “toy car” in the spot… okay, okay it was a smart car or something! Very miniature!!! And the first thing I’m thinking is, “they don’t even need that big ‘ole GOOD parking space!!!!” I was so annoyed for no other reason than I wanted to just push it out the way with my big ‘ole “normal” size car! I know it’s petty but that’s just how I was feeling that day.

Little did I know, God had a lesson in all of that. Here’s the picture he painted…

smartcar2“Imagine that you’re that miniature car and that parking space is a position that you didn’t qualify for based on your level of experience… or maybe it’s a house you’re living in that is bigger than what you would normally be able to afford… or maybe it’s an opportunity that you never imagined was in your reach. Just like that car, I can set you in a place that is far bigger than what you can imagine or feel like you can handle. You may not fill up all the space that is given you at first but that’s because I’m leaving room for you to grow, learn, and expand your territory. Don’t despise small beginnings. Don’t worry about the nay-sayers and those that feel like you didn’t earn it nor that you deserve it. What I give you is yours and no one, not even someone with more money, more clout, or more savvy, can take it away from you. But you have to be parked! You have to be unmovable. You have to take the position and own it. Don’t worry about how small you feel or how small other’s perceive you to be. Own the space that I’ve provided for you and watch me expand your territory bigger than you could ever dream or think!”

God is so awesome! So I’m sharing this with all of you as encouragement! When trouble comes. When the pressure seems to be too much to bare. When you feel like you don’t fit in and don’t belong, God says you do, so PARK IT! God has that space reserved just for you.




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  1. This is a blessing, I’ve been occupying but I haven’t been parking .. wow.

    I’ve missed you Miss Bianca, I hope you’ve been blessed. I shared one of your posts on my birthday !

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