Cracked Pavement

pexels-photo-343469.jpegIt was a morning like any other morning. Typical rise with the disgruntled “it’s too early for this” stroll across the floor to my closet. I didn’t feel any more reflective or spiritual than the day before. I  stepped out the house with headphones in ear, work bag on shoulder, probably just praying that this day would be an anomaly and I’ll actually get a seat on the train. It’s the little things that make my day. I didn’t realize that a even smaller moment in time would teach me a life lesson just steps outside of my home. 

As I’m making my way up the street to the train, a young father and his daughter are approaching my heels and ever so often I heard squeals of excitement from her voice and the playful giggles from her father. Not really that interested but slightly curious as to what they were so cheery about on this cold January morning. (Sidenote: I’m NOT a morning person so cheeriness is almost non-existent before 11 a.m.) Anyway, they make their way pass me. He’s pushing her in a stroller and I notice that the fun part that bought out the most excitement for them was when her stroller would hit a bump in the sidewalk. This is New York, there’s no shortage of uneven sidewalks and they are exaggerated dips that could take you down if you’re not paying attention. I thought it was cute for so many reasons. Her laugh was infectious and it was nice seeing a black man with his daughter with probably every care of the world on his shoulders taking this moment in time to embrace the simplest thing just because it made her happy.

I walk this same sidewalk everyday and I’ve always viewed those same bumps and cracks as pure annoyances. I can’t even send a text while walking because I’m looking down to make sure I don’t take a stumble. In addition to not texting, don’t even think about wearing heels because they’re sure to be scuffed by the time you reach the next block! I love heels so of course this is yet another reason I’d have an issue with the  sidewalk. But this little girl could care less about heels or missed text messages. She sought out the cracks and crevices as a thrill not a challenge.

That’s when it hit me. God spoke so clearly. What would happen if you saw the cracks in your pavement through the lens of a child? Pavement represents my path in life and the cracks represent every hurt, setback, challenge, detour, and distraction that has frustrated me. God showed me that the pain that I’m facing can change the instant I change my perspective. The crack is still a crack. It’s ugly, it may cause you to stumble, it may mess up some plans but like the little girl’s father behind her with a firm grip on her stroller, God has a firm grip on my life. The bumps and cracks I’m experiencing can’t take me out. They can’t destroy me because my Father has my back. He sees them before I feel them and He knows I can handle them. So instead of cringing every time something doesn’t go my way or wishing for smooth rides throughout life, embrace the challenges like the greatest adventure of your life and with expectation that everything is under control because God’s got your back.


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  1. Great perspective! Next time i trip and fall on a raggedy sidewalk, i will be laughing like a crazy person no matter how much pain I’m in. Thanks!!!

  2. This is such a beautiful story – for so many reasons! I definitely agree that there is so much more joy to experience when we trust that God’s got us.

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