Here’s the Kicker

Last Sunday was an epic day of NFL football for many. So many commentators said it was the best playoff games in years. One guy said he had tears in his eyes after the Kansas City and Buffalo game. Tears! Regardless of whether your team won or loss, you have to admit that the games were all out war. It seemed everybody came to play that day.

While the games were impressive overall, one thing stuck out to me across each match up. Every single game came down to one massive game-deciding play that required one of the least visible, least celebrated, and least respected positions…. the kicker! Not the quarterback, not the wide receiver, not even the running back. It came down to the kicker. The position that gets no fan fare. The position that’s highest score per play is only 3 points. The position that gets overlooked and undervalued. That is, until the time is running out and all the team needs is 3 points to head to the division championship game. All of a sudden, all eyes are on the kicker. He is the one standing between victory and defeat.

The fact that each one of the games played that day came down to the kicker blew my mind. In all of the excitement, God focused me in on that one very specific detail. But why? Here’s what I heard:

“Your time is coming. Your role is intregal to the success of those around you. You are essential. You will be required to step out of the shadows and perform on the big stage. Be ready. Prepare. And show up when the time comes.”

I firmly believe that the times when God speaks to me in the midst of all the hype, the message is never just for me. I just had ears to hear it that day. I’ve been praying more about hearing the voice of God and being still enough to hear it. He’s clearly doing His part. Now, I’m moving passed having just ears to hear but a heart to share it. I know I’m not alone on this journey. There’s others who are wondering what it all means and whether it matters to keep showing up and putting in effort. Let this be confirmation that your life is always worth the effort. Keep doing your part, keep improving, keep perfecting your craft, keep investing in yourself. There’s a team out there who needs you to show up everyday and eventually show all the way out!!


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