“SPARK” Polls

“Spark” Polls were created as opportunity for me to engage with my readers and Twitter followers on topics that intrigue me and often come from my conversations throughout the week. They’re the things that may not spark a full blog post but interest me enough to share. I want to hear from you and what better way to do so than by using various topics to spark discussion, change, ideas, and maybe even debates.

There’s been a lot of talk around Michael Sam’s timely announcement of his sexual orientation. Some call it heroic, some call it distracting, and others simply call it unnecessary. No matter how you feel about his sexuality, this poll wants to know how you feel about the punishment given to a fellow NFL player after his twitter posts “OMG” and “Horrible” in response to their on-air kiss. He was fined an undisclosed amount and ordered to complete educational training before he’s able to hit the field. He also issued an apology. Necessary or no?

Will and Jada’s 13 year old daughter was pictured on Instagram in bed with a shirtless 20 year old boy. They weren’t touching, it was nothing sexual about the picture, and Jada defends her Instagram photo as being completely harmless. Yet, LAPD’s child protective services has decided to do an investigation. How do you feel about that?

I think the majority of you know where this poll derived from but in case you don’t have a clue… Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, and his ex wife Mashonda vacationed together with their kids. Ironic given their tumultuous past after infidelity and open letters on Twitter. Of course this topic came up and the feelings were a unanimous “HELL NO!” But I want to hear from you. Could you do it? VOTE and hit me on Twitter @tueswithbianca so we can talk about it!

This poll derived from a casual conversation a while back about deal breakers in a relationship, primarily marriage, but in this day in age it doesn’t have to be. The issue of infidelity is so glamorized in our culture that it’s almost expected in a marriage. Money has caused many to part ways and it’s real when people are adamant about their desire or lack of desire for kids… what happens if someone has a change of heart?! Tough one! Let me hear from you. VOTE and hit me on Twitter @tueswithbianca so we can talk about it!

This poll derived from an intense conversation with a male counterpart who was convinced that boys are only raised to be men and not husbands. The fact that being a man doesn’t qualify you to be a good husband is the reason why so many men choose not to be. Agree? Hit me on Twitter @tueswithbianca and let’s talk about it!


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