He’s Right There

Every time I lose patience in what I know God has for me. Every time I think God has forgotten about my desires. Every time it looks like I’m losing the battle. Every time I forget about the wealth of His love… I will lean on this:  Continue reading “He’s Right There”

Are You Prime Real Estate?

I was driving today across town and took notice, like I always do, of the steady decline of neighborhoods as I travelled further away from the NW section of the city into the NE section. For all my non-Washingtonians, most of NW is the upper echelon area with high priced apartments, boutiques, and fabulous dining options. Most of the NE section is what I’ll call the “Developing” area… row houses, dollar stores, carry outs, and of course liquor stores on each corner. Continue reading “Are You Prime Real Estate?”

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