My Distribution Channel….

I have been awaiting this blog entry ever since last week when it was announced that the daughter of Laurence Fishburne, Montana Fishburne,  wanted to release a sex tape and enter into the world of porn after seeing what a sex tape did for Kim Kardashian’s career!! I was so disgusted by the reality of the situation. It didn’t matter to me that she had a famous last name or that her father is a well known actor. The media puts way too much emphasis on those aspects which mean absolutely nothing. She’s human. Her dad is human… and if pop culture teaches us anything, it’s not to hold stars on pedestals and think that because they live luxurious lifestyles that they aren’t subjected to the same temptations as the normal 18 year old girl looking for acceptance in all the wrong places.

How many of us were “Montanas?” … craving the limelight, idolizing the rich and fabulous, yearning for attention, or lacking self love. Now, most of us may not have gone to the extreme of entering into the porn industry but most of us have experienced those feelings. It’s because of her story and maybe yours that motivate me to use my life and talents as a distribution channel. Continue reading “My Distribution Channel….”

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