No Comparison

You know why it’s so difficult for some people to believe in God? It’s because it’s human nature to make sense out the unknown by comparing it to something that they’ve experienced. We’ve all been told by someone that we trusted that they would come through on something and have been let down. We’ve all been made promises and had them broken. We’ve all had our heart broken and had to recover from major upsets and disappointments at the hands of one’s that we loved. So it’s natural for people to read the promises of God and be skeptical. It’s common for people to hear all of what God can and will do for them and still wonder if it will actually happen. Our minds have been trained to think “realistically.” We’ve been conditioned to prepare ourselves for things not to go our way more than we’re trained to believe that they will because we never want to be let down or disappointed. Continue reading “No Comparison”

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