No Excuses…

It’s my heart’s desire to share stories, words, and revelations each and every Tuesday that will impact your lives for days to come. Some weeks are more challenging than others and most of the time it’s due to poor planning on my part. This week would be one of them but for those that know me they know that I don’t do anything halfway. I give 100% to everything that I set out to accomplish or take part in and the Bold & the Fabulous is no different. Continue reading “No Excuses…”

Behind the Lyrics

I’m one Christian that still rocks out to some secular music. I’m more choosey nowadays but I don’t see all secular music as being bad. Honestly there’s some gospel music that is worse… yeah there really is! Gospel music that is not Word based is more detrimental to your walk than listening to a secular song. Secular music is a form of entertainment… Gospel music is about praise and worship… but if what you’re singing can’t be found in the Word then what is it really? Just some words that a songwriter thought sounded good and would evoke the right emotion so it was laid to track. I’m not really trying to judge what makes good/bad gospel music. I’m more trying to shed light on the hazards of failing to guard your ear and your heart. Continue reading “Behind the Lyrics”

Not Even Oprah…

Her words were “unheard, unseen, unimaginable, and ridiculous.”  I sat in the audience, eyes pierced on this woman I’d never seen or heard of before. She had my attention from the moment she opened her mouth. This woman had a presence that demanded your attention. I loved that her words were intentional. They evoked emotion without any overzealous effort because she was simply speaking truth. Her words were prophetic and they captivated me for almost 40 minutes. Everything she said was powerful, but those words “unheard, unseen, unimaginable, and ridiculous” made my heart beat a little faster.  Those words reflected what God planned to do in our lives if we do not remove our heart from Him. I can’t even begin to explain the feeling sitting among my sisters, Jocelyn (aka Indigo) and Monisha, listening to this woman literally speak life into our lives. It was almost unbelievable until I put myself in remembrance of what God had spoken through my Pastor early this year. He called this year, the year that we take our lives to new dimensions. Gone are the days of reaching new levels… we are rising to heights never seen before and it’s solely a result of our obedience to Him. Continue reading “Not Even Oprah…”

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