Top 30 Reasons I’m Thankful This Holiday Season

I’m just getting back into the swing of things after enjoying a week’s vacation in honor of my 30th Birthday… yes everyone, your girl is officially over the hill! LOL! I’m embracing it. So in the wake of this huge milestone and just days before we formally give thanks for all our blessings, I find it fitting to list out the 30 things I’m most thankful for on this monumental year. The idea was inspired by someone very close to my heart coupled with my growing gratitude with each breath I take.

  1. God’s unwavering love and mercy each day I awake.
  2. Pastor Mike and Dee Dee for teaching me how to live and walk by faith, forever impacting my life and lives of my family.
  3. My mother who is the pillar of strength, the most devoted daughter and loving mother in the world. So happy to have the package deal… a mom and best friend wrapped into one.
  4. My father who despite all of his setbacks has always loved me with a pure heart and cherished me as his daughter. He shares the spot with my mom as my #1 fan.
  5. My grandmother for helping to create some of my most fondest childhood memories that will stay with me for a lifetime.
  6. My chosen family who showers me with love and affection and has always supported everything from dance recitals to graduations.
  7. My biological family because no matter how distant we are, there is a blessing in knowing that I have family to call my own.
  8. A man who loves, supports, and cherishes me just the way I am… flaws and all.
  9. The gift of love that stood the test of time, overcame insurmountable odds, and lives on to this day stronger than ever.
  10. My old sister-friends who’ve grown with me over the years, sharing laughs, tears, and stories to keep us smiling into our golden years.
  11. My new sister-friends who God hand placed in my life to share this next stage of life, offer new perspective, new opportunities, and more good times.
  12. Close friends who genuinely have my best interest at heart and aren’t concerned with what I can or can’t do for them, who my family is, or how much money I have.
  13. A sound mind to make decisions, learn from mistakes, and the passion to keep pushing through.
  14. The ability to take care of my needs and most of my wants.
  15. A roof over my head, food to eat, and clean clothes.
  16. My shoe collection ;0)
  17. A pure heart to serve others unselfishly and without expectation.
  18. Walking in divine health, no sickness or disease.
  19. The gift of a creative mind.
  20. An entrepreneurial spirit.
  21. The resources to travel and see a world beyond DC.
  22. An overflow of ideas to turn into realities and prove the dream life that I’m purposed to live.
  23. An ear to hear Holy Spirit guide me and protect me from harm seen and unseen.
  24. My mentors in the business who nurture my gift and help to set up my career path.
  25. Favor that surrounds me everyday
  26. Vision to see past my current circumstance.
  27. Those that have been removed from my life and made room for God’s best!
  28. Godly examples of women representing sexual purity who help me stay focused daily.
  29. Examples of healthy, loving, successful, and God fearing marriage.
  30. The opportunity to serve with my Bold & Fabulous sisters on our mission to help build up the faith of our readers and encourage them daily.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!







It’s Tuesday with Bianca


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  1. so i’ve decided to start leaving thoughts/replies instead of being a “ghost reader” lol-great post friend wonder who it was that inspired this list of 30 (i saw your fb page-love it!! love y’all together! 🙂 but i really like 23, 26, 28 I could continue but i’ll stop there-great stuff friend and a great reminder to stay thankful-as i was on your site i glanced up at a picture of my parents and this time of year is always tough, but at church there was a wonderful message about our legacy and the importance of having a kingdom mentality to our lives that we live for those who have yet to come and that we have strong roots of greatness within us passed on from those who have gone Home-that in the absence of all things material, it is what we have and who we are, and so in this moment I am deeply thankful for the time God did give me with an amazing father and am so thankful for the gift of legacy that will continue to inspire and grow-if i had a glass 🙂 I would say “here’s to you and the rich legacy that you have already began to inspire” thank you for the reminder-i am honored to to call you friend, friend 🙂 -love ya c

    1. Courtney!!! Why are you trying to make me tear up on here. I love you, I loved your dad as my own, and I’m so proud of the woman you’ve become as I’m sure he is as well. You are a dear friend to me and even though we aren’t in the same city and speak every blue moon, I cherish your friendship. Thank you for stepping out of your “ghost reader” status and making your support known. lol… I truly appreciate it and look forward to reading even more comments in weeks to come. Love you tons!!!

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